230 An attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end.

Problem: Getting error "An attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end."

When launching Paradox.
Date: 7 March 2000
Versions: P9 and later. (most frequently in P9 prior to SP3)

Caused by:
Paradox toolbar files have been corrupted.
Paradox toolbar files are named PDX_EN_FULL_bars.cfg and PDX_EN_FULL_sbar.cfg in full Paradox and PDX_EN_RUN_bars.cfg and PDX_EN_RUN_sbar.cfg in Runtime. _EN_ represents your language versions of Paradox.

The files are stored in folder C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR LOGIN NAME\Application Data\Corel\ParadoxZZZ\ConfigDir, where zzz represents your version of Paradox. These files are hidden by default, so you have to change the settings for hidden files in Explorer to be able to find them.

When you found them, delete them. They will be recreated when Paradox is launched, but your customization is lost.

Do NOT delete these files in subfolders to C:\Program Files\

You may be able to see the beginning of the corruption if you have the ActiveX toolbar visible in Paradox.

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