Update history

2015-09-08   Corrected the schematics for the VCADSHR. This change does not affect the circuit board layout, which was already correct.

2015-01-07   Uploaded corrected versions of the Super Syncussion material

2011-12-28   Updated the wind control page

2011-12-22   First thoughts on my new windsynth concept

2011-11-18   New AMORE board: SSM 2040 clone VCF + VCA

2011-11-14   New AMORE board: Minimoog style VCO.

2011-11-08   New AMORE boards: Multimode VCF + VCA, VCADSHR envelope generator, Transistor Matcher.

2011-10-24   New AMORE board: The Brapper

2011-10-12   New AMORE board: Voltage controlled phaser

2011-10-11   New AMORE board: Woodwind VCO

2011-09-22   A general bill of materials page and information on special parts for all AMORE modules added

2011-09-21   Errors corrected in the schematics and component placement plan for the Dual VCAD envelope generator.

2011-09-17   Errors corrected in the schematics for the Basic VCO och the Starter Kit Signal generator board

2011-08-23   Information on making the front panel for the AMORE Starter Kit added. All photos have now been moved to Google Picasa

2011-08-17   The AMORE Starter Kit and new modules Minikorg VCF, Dual log VCA + noise and Dual VCAD envelope generator added. The AMORE page updated with the latest developments.

2011-06-12   Teaser for three more AMORE modules

2011-05-03   Bergfotron at the EMS synth DIY meet

2010-03-29   New AMORE board: Basic VCO

2010-02-03   Fixed missing or broken links

2009-03-22   New AMORE board: Advanced VCO

2009-02-07   Updated frontpage with information on the recording mixer

2008-09-05   New AMORE board: ARP 4014 ring modulator clone

2008-08-31   New AMORE board: Voltage Controlled Delay

2008-08-23   New AMORE board: Voltage Controlled Crossfader

2008-08-16   New AMORE board: Minomoog clone VCF + VCA

2008-07-27   AMORE general building instructions and schematics for the AMORE exerciser added. VCBPF schematics updated and broken links on the page ”Mechanical construction fixed”.

2008-06-06   AMORE page and VCBPF page added

2008-05-03   30 years with synth DIY

2008-04-13   New ”latest news”

2007-09-02   New module presentation: Woodwind waveshaper

2007-08-23   Added teaser for a new mystery module

2007-08-11   Updated my e-mail address

2006-02-18   Added schematics for VC bandpass filter

2006-02-04   Replaced the midi interface. Writeup in ”latest news” section.

2005-05-13   New ”latest news” 

2004-12-01   Added a wind controller section

2004-11-05   Added a ”latest news” section on the front page. Replaced some pictures with new, better ones.

2003-12-26   Updated my e-mail address

2003-04-05   Added a plan for the standard power connector on the power supply page.

2002-11-16   VCO Quad: Added circuit board layouts for octave quantizer and saw to triangle/sine converter

2002-11-10   Sound clips: Added some more sound clips.
                   LFO page: Added picture of front panel.
                   VCF page: Changed front panel picture

2002-11-07   Sound clips: all old soundclips removed and new added.

2002-09-12   Complex VCO: Added picture and corrected spelling errors.

2002-09-10   Triangle VCO core schematics: Corrected minor errors.
                   EG and VCA page: Corrected broken links. 
                   Complex VCO page: Added some text. 
                   VCP page: Corrected spelling errors. 

2002-09-08   The Bergfotron site opened on this URL.