This is Bergfotron

Welcome to my pages

These pages describe an analog modular synthesizer, that I'm currently working on in my spare time. Bergfotron is not a company. It is just a name for my synthesizer. I don't sell kits or synthesizer parts. The information on the pages is intended to help other hobby synthesizer constructors. All schematics and circuit board layouts are drawn by me and are copyrighted. Use them for your own synth projects, but don't put them on your web site or include them in any commercial product without my permission. Also the photos are taken by myself and must not be used without my permission.

All Bergfotron circuits use only standard components, that should be easy to get hold of. I compiled a list of the most used parts. I use no SSM or Curtis custom ICs. Some of the circuits, that my modules are based on, are developed by other DIYers. In those cases there is a link to their web-pages. If somebody already has designed a good circuit, I see no reason to reinvent it.
Other circuits are clones of commercial synth circuits, and are identified as such. Normally patents for those circuits have expired, but for personal use patents don't really matter anyway.
All circuits are tested by myself. Usually I have built more than one copy of each circuit. So I'm confident that it wasn't just a "lucky accident" that it worked! Of course there is still a tiny chance that there is a typo in a schematic. If you suspect this, notify me
at once. It's important for me that all circuits can be built and will work as is. I don't want to waste people's time with incorrect or untested circuits.
Circuit board layouts are always etched and tested. I don't publish any PCBs that I haven't already built and tested.
Unlike some other websites, I don't try to cover every synth circuit known to man. That's not necessary, as there are many other synth-DIY-sites on the net. Instead, I try to select the circuits that are most suited to my synth project and that fulfill my quality and performance specifications.
I would also like to emphasize the mechanical aspect of buildning a synth. This might not be as sexy as the actual circuits, but it is no less important, if you want an usable instrument.
More circuits and other information will be added when I have built other modules. So visit these pages regularly. As this is all done in my spare time, there is a limit to the rate of progress, but I try to update the pages as soon as I have completed something. But this is not my only hobby and I also need to spend some time using the synth to make music.
Ninni Bergfors