Sound clips

These sounds were all created solely with the Complex VCO as the basis. The sole exception to this is the noise sounds, which were generated by the prototype to my forthcoming noise module. All sound is generated by the Bergfotron, except some reverb that was added. No other effects were used however. The same midi data was used for all but the sound effect clips. The sound was recorded into Cakewalk Sonar. The MP3 files were encoded with Sound Forge and use 96 kb/s bit rate.

1. A basic two oscillator patch, using sawtooth waves. This was done completely without patch cords. 
2. Even overtones waveform, phaser and Minimoog clone VCF.
3. Bass sound with double pulse waveform.
4. Sawtooth with phaser used as a formant filter (slightly swept by LFO).
5. Spike.
6. Envelope controlled mix of double pulse and cut saw.
7. String sound using double pulse and normal pulse.
8. Fretless bass sound with LFO controlling mix between saw and sine.
9. LFO triggering envelope. Phaser set to high resonance and LFO-swept.
10. Similar to above, but noise as source.
11. Noise through phaser set to 4 stage feedback and LFO-swept.
12. Noise through phaser set to 8 stage feedback and LFO-swept.
13. Phaser set to partial self-oscillation.
14. FM-patch with LFO controlling odd/even-mix. Modulator osc FMed by LFO.
15. Brass sound with phaser feedback and noise creating chaotic attack.
16. Cut saw wave and filter FM from the modulation oscillator.
17. Similar patch, but some knob-twiddling instead of midi.
18. Phaser self-oscillating. No other oscillator used. Manual knob twiddling.
19. Triangle wave into Wave multiplier. VCF not swept!.
20. Flute sound with even overtones waveform, noise attack and phaser formant.
21. Modulation madness.