Analogue synth enthusiasts of Stockholm

Mattias Malmqvist plays the Solina. An EH Small Stone gives that Jarre sound.

I don't think I have told you that I live in Stockholm, Sweden. On the 22th of August 2000, some people from the swedish analogue synth mailinglist got together at Magnus´ house. This was the first time I met most of them in person, so it was really exciting. Seven people were able to attend and several of them had brought synths. There were both home-built and commercial ones, all of them truly analog. I of course brought the Bergfotron. It is now fully playable, and most of the attendees were impressed by it's sound.
A good time was had by all and after a while really good sounds started to emerge. The Solina, CS40, Bergfotron and TR808 combined to produce something that reminded of both Tangerine Dream and JM Jarre. A Minidisc recorder was recording all the time, so maybe something useful can be edited from the jam session.

Hans Åkerman "the human sequencer" plays bass on the Bergfotron, which, as you can see, is starting to outgrow it's old case.

Daniel Kahlin creates something rhythmic on the TR808. Genelec monitor to the left.

Bengt Falke tweaks the mix.

Magnus Danielson on the Korg Vocoder.

Magnus' Formant, built by Anders Spontòn. Anders was unable to attend this time.

Daniel Kahlin plays Yamaha CS40.

Most of the equipment seen here. Near the camera a Korg MS20. In the top left corner (not used) are an ASM-1 and an EM&M Spectrum.

The rest of the stuff. The Orla organ (top) is modified to be used as a controller for the Formant.

Sten Björnebro explores the Bergfotron.

Sten Björnebro on Yamaha CS40 and Daniel Kahlin on Korg Monopoly.