Synthesizer case

After a lot of cutting, filing, milling etc of wood, the new case for the Bergfotron is finally almost finished. A lot of time was spent to build this case. Too much for my liking, in fact. This is why not many new modules have been completed in the meantime.
The case is made of 4 mm plywood, with edges milled from solid oak.
The new case have two independent power supplies and in addition to that a separate +10 volt supply. A fan, running on reduced voltage, cools the power supplies.
The new case is designed to be portable. Therefore, it folds up in a way that protects the front panels during transportation. The keyboard section swings out and in addition, there is a row of panels that fold up. Everything is held in place by a base unit, that is screwed to the bottom. The base unit was supposed to contain pedals, but at the moment it serves as storage space for the cables. It also contains the mains transformers for the synth and the built-in speakers.

Here we see the synth lying on it's back, with the top panel section opened.

In this view, the top section is closed, but the keyboard section is folded out instead.

This is a partial view of the bottom of the base section. As can be seen, the base section has wheels built in. They were added when I realized how heavy the synth was. Note the thumbscrew between the wheel and the foot. By undoing these screws (one per side), the base unit comes off and the folding sections on the synth becomes loose.

Here we see the underside of the synth, with the base unit taken off. The cable connects the transformers in the base unit to the power supply in the main unit. The round hole to the left is the air intake for the PSU fan. The other hole is the bass port on the built-in subwoofer. I now have removed the built-in speaker system, as it made the synth very heavy and I didn't use it much anyway.

The back can be removed for servicing. The screws for the back is on the underside. There are no visible screws on any other side! The large white unit to the left is the subwoofer.

A closer peek inside. The PSU unit is to the right. Above it, the power bus connectors and above that, one of the side speakers, with the speaker controls hanging from above. In the bottom to the left is the Bergfothumb bus.

Folded up again. This is the front side. The handle can be used for lifting the synth, but for rolling it on it's wheels, a longer handle is needed. This remains to construct.

This was the first case for the Bergfotron. The photo os taken a couple of years ago and shows the then completed modules (top row from left: VCO, Korg-35 VCF, VCADSR, bottom row: MidiDAC, Minimoog clone VCF, Jack multiple, blank panel, Minimoog clone VCA, External input, power & output module).