Choreography: Aleksandra Rudnicka
Music: Jonas Angerud, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Vivaldi, Priming Orchestra
Target audience: School students age 7-18 Theatre: family performance
Time: 45 minutes
Number of performers: 1 dancer
Dancing space: 10x10 m
Ceiling height: Minimum 4 m
Black box: Yes
Building time: 4 h incl. rehearsal time
Technical requirements: Projection of DVD or DV-cam on the stage floor and white back wall 
Lights: basic rig, green wash, 3 profiles
Sound: CD
Price: 10 000 SEK, excl. traveling costs and housing


Remember Me is produced by Dans i Värmland, but is now a part of Aleksandra Rudnicka’s repertoire.

Nobody has been on the other side of life, only imagination sets the limits of how we interpret death. In this dance work, performed by the dancers Carl Olof Berg and Aleksandra Rudnicka. The audience meets a woman that mourns, but first the spectators are taken to the other side where they meet two angels, two gods, where male and female cease to exist and where our lives dissolves into fragments of memory.

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Sand is a performance inspired by Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist.
Sand deals with having the courage to change and to go on an adventure. In a beautiful and meditative performance music, dance and film are woven together and creating a wholeness that is to be experienced by all senses. As a school performance, Sand can become an opening to discussions about religion and aesthetic subjects.


KRETS is a dance work that plays with words and that takes encounters seriously. Dance is woven together with poetry written by Gun Berger and the performers are between 8 and 80 years of age. The work has taken its inspiration from printed circuit cards, the aesthetic form of circulation and different social circles, that is, technology, nature and human social life: kretskort, kretslopp och kretsar.



Choreography: Aleksandra Rudnicka
Performers: Carl Olof Berg och Aleksandra Rudnicka
Music: Czeslaw Niemen

Time: 30 minutes
Target audience: School: Students age 12-18 Theatre audience: From age 13.
Number of performers: 2
Dancing space: 10x10 m
Ceiling height: Minimum 4 m
Black box: Yes Biulding time: 4 h incl. rehearsal time
Technical requirements
Light: 16 PAR, and basic rig
Sound: CD
Price: 16 000 SEK, excl. traveling costs and housing.
Choreographer/performer: Aleksandra Rudnicka
Music: Jonas Angerud
Film: Tobias Berger

Target audience: From 12 years of age
Time: 45 minutes
Building time: 4 h, incl. rehearsal time
Dancing space: 8x8 meters
Technical requirements: Black box, basic lighting rig, amplifier
Price: 10 000 SEK excl. traveling costs and housing


Get dressed!

Get dressed! is a dance work for children about the great adventure experienced when getting dressed in the morning. Meet an Egyptian princess and an old pirate in the struggle of getting to kindergarten on time!


Choreography: Aleksandra Rudnicka
Dancers: 1
Music: Jorane

Dance space: Min 2 x 3 m
Age: 3-6 years
Time: 25-30 min
Price: 5.000 SEK, excl. traveling costs and housing