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Suffocated by Sara Jo

Aleksandra Rudnicka has been collaborating with the singer Sara Jo on her new music video. The single Suffocated has just been released in Sweden and has been chosen by an American record company to feature in the album Acoustica Vol. 11. The album will be realeased in California in June.

Watch the video and listen to other songs by Sara Jo on MySpace!


Get dressed!

Get dressed! is a dance work for children, 3-6 years, about the great adventure of getting dressed in the morning and getting to kindergarten in time.
Meet an Egyptian princess (or is it a rabbit?) and an old pirate in a childs world of dreams.

DATE: 4th of October, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
PLACE: State Library, Karlstad


Eventure Karlstad

Eventure is a meeting-place for companies, in search for funds in early phases, and investors. The nominated companies are beeing trained during two days to prepare their presentations and Aleksandra Rudnicka has been one of their coaches.

The matchmaking event will take place on 27th of May, at Universitetsforum, Karlstad. Aleksandra Rudnicka will also perform during this event.

La Guerra y La Fiesta

Aleksandra Rudnicka is engaged in an artistic/social dance project under the name La Guerra y La Fiesta. The artistic director is dancer and choreographer Sara Regina Fonseca,currently working in Stockholm. The project will take place in two stages.

1st stage: A dance residence at Dance Base in Edinburgh between 16th - 27th of June. The showing of this work will take place on 27th of June.

2nd stage: Dance projects with refugees in Bogota and Bucaramanga during July and August.

The Swedish Institute has supported the project La Guerra y La Fiesta in Colombia with 100.000 SEK.




The dance work Beyond Good and Evil is part of the umbrella project War and Party (La Guerra y la Fiesta), which tries to find different methods to bridge artistic creation and social development in different particular contexts. Based on reflections about Scottish society, Beyond Good and Evil comments upon issues that seem to be relevant in Scotland: nationalism, religion and tradition.

KRETS - 11 and 12 of july, 8 pm

Teatro Lalibelula Dorada, Cra 19#51-69     Tickets: 2498658

KRETS is shown as a part of VIII Festival Nacional de Danza Contemporanea Libelula 2008. Aleksandra Rudnicka is also performing in the piece Beyond good and Evil, choreography by Sara Regina Fonseca, in the same programme.

Sara Regina Fonseca about the dance residency at Dance Base:


Sara Regina Fonseca



Aleksandra Rudnicka in De sol a sol Festival

On the 6 of August Aleksandra performs REMEMBER ME at Plaza de Pontificia in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Performance starts at 6.15 pm.

7 August Aleksandra performs KRETS at Instituto de Cultura in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Performance starts at 7 pm.