Dance Theatre of Värmland

VDT was founded 2003 and amongst the activties arganized by the association is to regularly produce dance works, cultural travels, lectures, workshops in dance and in the meeting with other artforms, and Laban Camp. VDT consists of professional dancers and choreographers, as well as amateurs in the age of 14-88 years, that want to develop within artistic dance and dance theatre. The association has now 45 members. The amateurs in VDT help with marketing and production processes, as well as performing in several of the productions created by VDT.

Dance Theatre of Värmland is a politically and religiously unbound association for the free uninstitutional dance art. The goals for the associations is to make theatric dance in Värmlands accessible, by producing new dance works and by arranging dance works by artists in and outside of Värmland.

VDT wants to create work opportunities for dancers and choreographers in Karlstad and Värmland. The company wants to decentralize the dance area of Sweden and they believe that more dance companies working out in the country contributes to a greater variaty in the artist dance field. VDT wants to create performances with high quality standard, but also to give the oppurtunity for amateurs to express themselves within a professional frame. Since 2007, Aleksandra Rudnicka, is the artistic director of Dance Theatre of Värmland.

VDT has a close collaboration with NBV and is continuously receiving funds by Region Värmland and the Municipality of Karlstad.