Work Experience

"I am not a person who can spend hours and days in a studio just to find the right movement that expresses what I want to say. I am a restless soul that creates spontaneously and intuitively, often in the most inconvenient situations. The movement flows through my body and becomes that what words cannot frame.

In my dance works I take my audience seriously, also the children. I encourage the audience to become active spectators that interpret and create their own experience of what they see, based on their life experience and imagination. The dance work does not exist within me, but in the meeting between my body and soul, and the audience.”

Aleksandra Rudnicka works as dancer and choreographer, with Karlstad as her working base. She regularly makes projects in other cities of Sweden and abroad, and her projects often unite the social and artistic dimensions of dance. Aleksandra Rudnicka creates dance works that can be booked by theatres, enterprises and schools, but also commissioned works for openings and other cultural events. She gives lectures about the art of dance and workshops that are based on the movement analysis of Rudolf Laban.

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Rehearsal for KRETS

Dance class with Gratialistkompaniet

Gratialistkompaniet and Studentkompaniet rehearsing

Studentkompaniet in Karlstad

Dance Studies

Her dance education consists of BA (Honours) Dance Theatre Course at Laban Centre London, which she graduated with a First Class degree. She also studied the last and 3rd year of a 3-year dance course at Balettakademien, Göteborg.

Dance Theatre of Värmland

Since 2007 she is the Artistic Director of Dance Theatre of Värmland, which is an non-profit organisation that includes both professional dance artists and amateurs of all ages. VDT promotes dance theatre in Värmland by collaborating with professional choreographers across boarders of art forms and by encouraging young dancers and choreographers. They regularly produce performances, give workshops and lectures, as well as organise dance camps.

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