A very special Thanks....

This Studebaker page has been very time consuming to construct.
Although I have done all the designing and programing myself I
couldn't have done it without you guys providing pictures etc.
A special thanks to the following persons of different reasons.
You are really great!!!

Gary Cameron (Bo), Topeka, KS (Provided 100s of factory images,
photos and helpful thoughts)
Ray Fichthorn, U.S.A (Provided about 100 sales brochure
pics, logos and photos from meets.)
John Poulos, U.S.A (Started the Studebaker webring
and has some really nice Studes)
Mark Andersson, U.S.A (Provided me with his collection
of Studebaker images)
Roland Axin, Sweden (Helped me to locate good material
and introduced me to Swedish Club)

And to all the nice people of the Studebaker newsgroup who have
sent me emails with kind comments. Thanks and keep going!!!

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