A few nice Studebaker websites

The 1959 Silver Hawk Pages
A website I built a while back. It has all the info you ever want to know about the 1959 Studebaker Silver Hawk.
Studebaker on the Net
The main site for the Studebaker Web Ring. This is also the
home of the Internet Chapter and the Studebaker Chat.
The Swedish Studebaker Club
This is the website for the Swedish Studebaker Club.
I am ofcourse a member of this club.
The Studebaker National Museum
The museum is in South Bend, Indiana and a visit is ofcourse
a must if you visit this city.
The Studebaker Drivers Club
This club is one of the largest & best Autoclubs and membership is recommended. Turning Wheels, the monthly magazine is superb.
Studebaker Clubs
An index of sites for many Studebaker clubs and chapters to the Studebaker Drivers Club.
Studebaker-Packard Club Netherlands
A very nice site with lots of pictures and information. I hope to
be able to join their Studebaker-Packard meet someday.
Studebaker Autoparts Sales Corp. in South Bend has lots and lots of parts for your Studebaker. Very friendly and fast delivery too.
Studebaker International
Out of Greenfield, Indiana this company offer lots of Studebaker, stuff. Mostly Repro-parts, a large inventory
Classic Enterprises
Offers a wide range of reproduction Studebaker body parts.
Located in Barron, WI.
Racing Studebakers
This web site is dedicated to high performance Studebakers,
past, present and future. It's built by Sonny, a very nice guy.
Don't forget to visit this site's Studebaker forums.


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