Studebaker for 1966

This is what Studebaker offered in 1966.

1966 Studebaker

1966 was the final year for Studebaker and the cars were facelifted by Bob Marck.
Flow-through ventilation with extractor vents above the taillights was introduced
this year (called Refresh aire). The '66s went back to single headlights and got a
redesigned grill composed of four oblongs. The oblongs were blacked out on
Daytonas and Cruisers. Reclining front seats with split back and transistor ignition
were standard on Daytonas. The '66 Studebakers also came with some new
safety options: nonglare windshield washers, parking brake warning light, safety
door latches, padded dash and sun visors, dual speed vipers and seatbelts front
and rear. The Commander trim was offered on four-door sedan and two-door
sedan on both Sixes and Eights. The Wagonaire was a own nameplate this year
and was offerd as a Six and a Eight. The Daytona was only offered as two-door
sedan but it could be ordered with either a six or a eight. The Cruiser was still
available on Sixes and Eights. The Six carried the 120 hp 194 cui inline six as
standard but could be ordered with an optional 140 hp 230 cui inline six. The
Eight carried the same 195 hp 283 cui V-8 from 1965 as standard. The Eight
had no optional engines available.

A total of 8.947 Studebakers were produced during this, the last model year.

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