Studebaker for 1965

This is what Studebaker offered in 1965.

1965 Studebaker

For '65 Studebaker dropped the Lark name and styling was virtually unchanged. The
Cruisers decklid moldings were revised and made narrower than those on Daytonas.
The Avanti and Gran Turismo Hawk was discontinued for 1965. Since South Bend's
foundry was gone the Hamilton factory had to find engines for the cars so Studebaker
ended up buying engines from Chevrolet. The engines obtained were a 194 cui six
(which Studebaker named the Skybolt) and a 283 cui V-8 (which Studebaker called
the Thunderbolt). The 283 didn't come with the performance options that were
available on Studebakers own 289 engines in '63 and '64 so there were no more
R1, R2, R3 etc. The pillared Daytona Sport coupe was a new offering this year
instead of a hardtop coupe. The Commander trim was offered on four-door sedan,
two-door sedan and four-door wagonaire on both Sixes and Eights. The Daytonas
were offered as two-door Sport sedan and four-door wagonaire and were only
offered with a V-8. The Cruiser was still available on Sixes and Eights. The Six
carried the 120 hp 194 cui inline six. The Eight carried a 195 hp 283 cui V-8
as standard. There were no optional engines available.

A total of 19.435 Studebakers were produced during the model year.

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