Studebaker for 1964

This is what Studebaker offered in 1964.

1964 Studebaker Cruiser and Wagonaire

The '64 Lark from Studebaker had a crispy square new outer body panels, again
courtesy of Brooks Stevens. Overall length grew six inches; the grille became more
horizontal, with an eggcrate center and integral headlamps; and a pointy new rear end
carried high-set tail/backup lamps. The '64 Studebakers had a stand-up "S-in-circle"
hood ornament.The stripped Standard trim (from '63) was retagged Challenger and
priced from as low as $1.943. The Commander name returned instead of Custom/Regal
and the Daytona trim was kept. The Daytona news this year was the arrival of a Daytona
four door sedan. The Challenger and Commander came with dual headlights while the
Daytonas had quad. Both the Challenger and the Commander could be equipped with
quad lights as an option. Four-door sedan, two-door sedan, four-door wagon were the
Challenger trim choises both as Lark Six and Lark Eight. The Commander trim was
offered on four-door sedan, two-door sedan, four-door wagonaire and Special 2 door
sedan on Lark Sixes while Lark Eights offered the same except for the wagonaire.
The Daytonas were offered as four-door sedan, four-door wagon, convertible and
two-door hardtop coupe. Although the hardtop was only available on Lark Eights
this year. The Lark Six carried the 112 hp 169.6 cui overhead-valve inline six.
The Lark Eight carried a 180 hp 259.2 cui V-8 as standard and was also offered with
the 259.2 engine with a "Power Pack" (195 hp). You could also get the 210 hp 289
cui V-8 or the 225 hp version of the same engine. The "Super Larks" had a 240 hp
289 cui V-8 (R1), a 290 hp 289 cui V-8 (R2), a 335 hp 304.5 cui V-8 (R3) or a
280 hp 304.5 cui V-8 (R4). The Lark Cruiser carried a 210 hp 289 cui V-8 as
standard and could be equipped with a 225 hp "Power Pack" version as an option.

The '64 Gran Turismo Hawk featured a vertical Hawk emblem in center of grille,
a stand-up hood ornament and decklid appliqué removed. The rear deck was
smoothed off and a new red, white and blue round medallion and script was being
added to it. As an option you could get a half-vinyl roof. The standard engine for
the GT Hawk was the 210 hp 289 cui V-8. The optional engine was the 225 hp
"Power Pack" 289. The "Super Hawks" had a 240 hp 289 cui V-8 (R1), a 290 hp
289 cui V-8 (R2), a 335 hp 304.5 cui V-8 (R3) or a 280 hp 304.5 cui V-8 (R4).

The Avanti, was slightly changed for 1964. The headlights became square instead
of round (although fifty '64s had round ones). The 1964's Avantis had grille mesh
over the air intake while the '63s hadn't. The drip rails were chromed. The
interior of the car was much improved. It had a woodgrained steering wheeel and
some other accents and solid-color vinyl-trim. The Avantis had a 240 hp 289 cui
V-8 (R1) as standard, while optional engines consisted of a 290 hp 289 cui
V-8 (R2), a 335 hp 304.5 cui V-8 (R3) or a 280 hp 304.5 cui V-8 (R4).
Only 9 Avanti R3 were produced and no R4.

A total of 44.184 Larks, 1.767 Gran Turismo Hawks and 809 Avantis were
produced during the model year.

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