Studebaker for 1962

This is what Studebaker offered in 1962.

1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk 2 door hardtop coupe

The '62 Larks and the brand new Gran Turismo Hawks were designed by Milwaukee-
based industrial designer Brooks Stevens. Stevens whipped up cheap but remarkably
effektive makeovers. All Larks now wore quad headlamps, elongated rear quarters,
large round taillamps and a new grille divided into twelve sections by three horizontal
and two vertical bars . The two-door wagons vanished, but there were four new
Daytona models: six and V-8 hardtop coupes and convertibles. The Daytonas package
consisted of bucket seats with console, deluxe trim which included wide side moldings
carrying a Daytona script, more luxurios interior trim and a wood-toned instrument
panel. The four-speed Warner Gear transmission with its selector sprouting from the
transmission tunnel, was available only with the V-8. The Daytona hardtops could
be delivered with an optional sliding cloth sunroof. Both the Lark Six and the Lark
Eight were offered in DeLuxe, Regal and Daytona trim. Four-door sedan, two-
door sedan, four-door wagon were the DeLuxe choises while the Regal came as
four-door sedan, four-door wagon, 2 door hardtop coupe and the convertible.
The Daytonas were only available as 2 door hardtop coupe or convertible.

For '62 Stevens resurrected the pillarless "Loewy coupe" body and applied square
rear roof quarters, a matching tail without fins and a full thrust-forward grille. The
Gran Turismo Hawk also got a new dash with a full set of round white-on-black
gauges in a large rectangle with outboard ends canted in toward the driver. Gran
Turismo gold script were applied on the doors and small flanking openings on
both sides of the grille carried oblong parking lights. Highcarpeted doors, radio
speaker, perforated vinyl headlining and the 289 V-8 was standard. Some
export models came with 259 V-8's or 169.6 cui sixes though. Some Gran
Turismo Hawks assembled in Canada and other countries had side grille housings
chromed instead of painted. Four-speed gearbox, reclining front bucket seats,
air conditioning and power windows, steering and brakes were optional. Offered
with the 289's it was very quick. With the 225 hp engine, the GT Hawk was good
for 120 mph and 0-60 mph under 10 seconds. The 289 was strong, with far
greater power potential than its modest size implied. The potential of the engine
would soon be proved. The standard engine for the Hawk was the 210 hp 289
V-8. The optional engine was the 225 hp "Power Pack" 289. The Lark Six
carried the 112 hp 169.6 cui overhead-valve inline 6. The Lark Eight carried
a 180 hp 259.2 cui as standard and was also offered with the 259.2 engine
with a "Power Pack" (195 hp). The Lark Cruiser carried the same engines as
the GT Hawk (210 and 225 hp)

A total of 54.397 Lark Six, 38.607 Lark Eight and 9.335 Gran Turismo Hawks
were produced during the model year.

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