Studebaker for 1961

This is what Studebaker offered in 1961.

1961 Studebaker Lark VIII Regal 2 door convertible

The '61 Larks from Studebaker had revised outer sheetmetal imparting a slightly squarer
look. The Larks with the Regal trim got quad headlamps (both Lark VI and Lark VIII).
The Lark emblem was moved from the lower center to the lower right on the grille. The
Lark VI inline 6 got a new overhead-valve head that turned it into a new 112 hp "Skybolt
Six". The V-8 Lark Cruiser was a new addition to the Lark VIII lineup. The Cruiser rode
the wagon chassis (113 inch) and boasted a richly upholstered interior with extra rear
legroom. Both the Lark VI and the Lark VIII was offered in DeLuxe and and the more
pricy Regal trim. Four-door sedan, two-door sedan, four-door wagon and two-door
wagon were the DeLuxe choises while the Regal was available as four-door sedan, four-
door wagon, 2 door hardtop coupe and the convertible. 1961 was the last year for the
Hawk. It got a narrow contrast-color panel beneath its fins and newly optional four-
speed gearbox. That four-speed was made by Warner Gear and the same as the
Corvette offered. The spokes on the wheelcovers had a black-painted background
instead of white (as the 1960's had). The 61's also offered contoured bucket seats
which were available in both cloth and vinyl. The standard engine for the Hawk was
the 210 hp 289 V-8. The optional engine was the 225 hp "Power Pack" 289. The
Lark VI carried the new 112 hp 169.6 cui overhead-valve inline 6. The Lark VIII
carried a 180 hp 259.2 cui as standard and was also offered with the 259.2 engine
with a "Power Pack" (195 hp). A total of 41.035 Lark VI, 25.934 Lark VIII,
3.340 Silver Hawks were produced during the model year.

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