Studebaker for 1960

This is what Studebaker offered in 1960.

1960 Studebaker Lark VI 4 door wagon

The '60 Larks from Studebaker was predictably little changed. The grille went from horizontal
bars to mesh with the Lark emblem at lower center. Four-door wagons returned this year,
which had been gone since 1958. Also the first convertible Studebakers since 1952 was
produced. Convertibles were offered both as the Lark VI and Lark VIII. Both the Lark VI
and the Lark VIII was offered in DeLuxe and and the more pricy Regal trim. Four-door
sedan, two-door sedan, four-door wagon and two-door wagon was the DeLuxe choises
while the Regal was available in four-door sedan, four-door wagon, 2 door hardtop coupe
and the allnew convertible. The Silver Hawk was carried on as simply the Hawk. The grille
emblem had a candyapple red background and there were three small chromed hash marks
on the front end of the tailfins. Tailfin emblems was now red and chrome and the spokes
on the wheelcovers had a white-painted background. The Hawk got its own V-8's this year.
The standard engine was either the same inline 6 as in '59 (only for export) or the 210 hp
289 V-8. The optional engine was the 225 hp "Power Pack" 289. The 259's were only for
the Larks in 1960 (although they were offered for export Hawks). The standard Lark VI
engine was the same as in 1959 (90 hp 169.6 cui inline 6). The Lark VIII carried a
180 hp 259.2 cui as standard and was also offered with the 259.2 engine with a
"Power Pack" (195 hp). A total of 70.153 Lark VI, 57.562 Lark VIII, 227 Silver
Hawk 6 and 4.280 Silver Hawk 8 were produced during the model year.

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