Studebaker for 1958

This is what Studebaker offered in 1958.

1958 Studebaker President Starlight hardtop coupe

The '58s from Studebaker got hastily contrieved four-headlamp fronts (standard on
Commanders and Presidents and optional on Champions) and canted metal rear
quarter panel fins. The Champions also got side trim that continued full-length on
the side of the car. All models (except the Scotsman) got the name "STUDEBAKER"
in block letters (replacing the emblem from 1957) placed on the base of the hood.
The Scotsman continued with small changes. The changes were : restyled round taillights,
a square mesh radiator grille and Studebaker lettering on the left rear quarter panel.
The Scotsman Econ-O-Miler was introduced. It was a long wheel base 4-door sedan that
was intended for taxicab use. The Marshal was a President-powered Scotsman sold to
the Police. The Marshal was offered as 2-door sedan, 4-door sedan and 2-door wagon.

The Silver Hawk and Golden Hawk also carried minor changes. The side grill openings
had a new grill mesh and the front fender-mounted parking lights had small dual fins.
A large round Hawk emblem was placed in the lower center of the radiator grille. Like in
1957 a belt-driven supercharger was standard on the Golden Hawk. Golden Hawks came
standard with 14 inch tires, with 15 inch offered optionally at extra cost. A rare Golden Hawk
trim option made it into the Golden Hawk 400. About 100 1957 to 1958 Golden Hawks had
that option. The 400's had a tan or white leather interior much like the Packard Hawk had in
1958 with fore and aft pleats instead of left to right, grill inserts were painted fin insert color
and the top and bottom of the dash was padded with pleated material. The arm rests were
molded in the door panels and not screwed on, it had a fully lined trunk and rope cords
behind each seat. AC was optional. 1958 was the third and final year for the Golden Hawk.

Models were cut down to Scotsman ( 2 + 4 door sedans and wagon), Champion ( 2 + 4
door sedans), Commander ( 4 door sedan, Provincial 4 door wagon and the all-new
Starlight hardtop coupe), President (4 door sedan and also a Starlight hardtop coupe) and
the Silver- and Golden- Hawks. Like most '58 makes Studebakers were longer and
lower, with Flight Stream roofline. The fender vent doors were gone, except on the
Hawks, and replaced by cowl ventilation. The little-changed Scotsman series sold well.

The Scotsman, Champion and Silver Hawk carried as standard a 101 hp 185.6 cui
inline 6. The Commander and Provincial had a 180 hp 259.2 cui V-8. Optional on the
Silver Hawks was a 210 hp 289 V-8. The President came with a 225 hp 289 V-8
which also was an option on the Silver Hawk. Finally, the Golden Hawk was offered
with the same 275 hp supercharged 289 cui V-8 as in '57.

This was the last year for the noble Packard brand with only 2622 cars produced.
1958 Packards were marketed as a midyear line introduced in January 1958. The Clipper
name was dropped and only four models were available: 4-door sedan, 4-door wagon,
2-door hardtop coupe and the Hawk sports coupe. All 1958s got new bodies with an
unusual nose. This low, wide air-intake-type grille surround was made of fiberglass and
just bolted on. All 1958s (except the Hawk) got new fins on top of the regular fins.
The bottom fin jutted out further at the rear and housed new taillights with integral back-
up lights. A scoop appeared on the hood, along with Packard block letters. This year
only the Hawk was fitted with a supercharger. All others got the 225 hp 289 cui V-8.
The Packard Hawk had a similar fiberglass nose as the sedans and wagon but it was
bolted on the Studebaker Hawk car body. A number of special extras were included:
padded armrests on the outside of the doors, a continental tire impression stamped on
the deck lid, genuine leather interior, full instrumentation, simulated and integrated hood
scoop, Packard emblem hubcaps etc. On July 13th, 1958 the production of Packard
cars stopped for good. The name Studebaker-Packard though survived until 1962.

A total of 20.870 Scotsman, 10.325 Champions, 12.249 Commanders (inkluding
Provincial), 10.442 Presidents, 7.350 Silver Hawks and 878 Golden Hawks were
produced during the model year. Add to that 2622 Packards.

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