Studebaker for 1957

This is what Studebaker offered in 1957.

1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk 400 hardtop coupe

The '57s from Studebaker were designed by Duncan McRae and achieved a full width
wraparound grille, larger taillights and grossly distended rear fenders suggesting fins. A
four-door station wagon was introduced. Model identification was on most models on
the front fenders. Custom-trim models featured rubber moldings around the windshield
and rear windows and single side trim moldings on the front two-thirds of the car.
DeLuxe-trim versions had bright metalmoldings around the windshield and rear
windows. They also carried full-length side trim. Regal-trim got double side trim
moldings on the rear quarter panels and single pieces on the front (All Regals were
sold outside the USA). As an attempt to spark sales Studebaker introduced, by
midyear the Scotsman (2 and 4 door sedans and 2 door wagon). Scotsman offered six
cylinder power but not much more at prices well below $2000. Thh Scotsman was
introduced as a Champion but turned eventually inot an own model. Scotsman had
painted hubcaps and grille and no side trim moldings at all. There was no model
identification execpt for a S on the front of the hood. Around 9300 Scotsman were
sold during that half a year.

Flight Hawk, Power Hawk, Sky Hawk and Golden Hawk were in 1957 cut down just
into the pillared Silver Hawk and the hardtop Golden Hawk. Hawks were fitted with
large canted metal fins on the rear fenders. Golden Hawk and Silver Hawk got different
trim on the fins though. Since the Packard engine factory had closed down, Golden
Hawk traded its 352 Packard engine for a new McCulloch-supercharged Studebaker
289 which delivered the same 275 hp. A rare Golden Hawk trim option made it into
the Golden Hawk 400. About 100 1957 to 1958 Golden Hawks had that option. The
400's had a tan or white leather interior much like the Packard Hawk had in 1958 with
fore and aft pleats instead of left to right, grill inserts were painted fin insert color and
the top and bottom of the dash was padded with pleated material. The arm rests were
molded in the door panels and not screwed on, it had a fully lined trunk and rope
cords behind each seat.

Models were cut down to Scotsman (2 + 4 door sedans and wagon), Champion and
Commander sedans in DeLuxe or Custom trim, Pelham and Parkview 2 door wagons,
three President sedans, Golden Hawk and the new pillared Silver Hawk coupe.
Studebaker also produced two 4 door wagons named Provincial and Broadmoor.

The Studebaker-based Packard Clipper was introduced on Jan 31, 1957. The
Clipper was built off a Studebaker President chassis. The modificatios included finned
rear fenders, a special rear wheel panel treatment and finer side trim. The Packard
name appeared on the front of the hood (in individual block letters). The "ship's wheel"
medallion decorated the grille and rear of the car. Standard equipment included such
things as modified 1956 Clipper chrome wheel discs, two-speed electric wipers, front
bumper guards, padded dashboard, electric clock, cigar lighter, glovebox lamp, back-
up lights, front and rear carpeting, foam rubber seat cushions etc.

The Scotsman, Champion, Silver Hawk and Pelham carried as standard a 101 hp
185.6 cui inline 6. The Commander, Provincial and Parkview had a 180 hp 259.2 cui
V-8 (up 10 hp due to higher compression). Optional on Commander, Provincial and
Parkview was a 195 hp 259.2 V-8 (up 10 hp). The President, Silver Hawk and
Broadmoor came with a 210 hp 289 cui V-8 as standard while the Classic came with
a 225 hp 289 V-8. The Classic engine was also an option on Silver Hawk and
Broadmoor. Finally, the Golden Hawk was offered with the 275 hp supercharged 289
cui V-8. A total of 74.738 Studebakers were produced during the model year.

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