Studebaker for 1956

This is what Studebaker offered in 1956.

1956 Studebaker President Classic 4 door sedan

The '56s from Studebaker achieved a squarer look announced by large mesh-filled grilles.
An inexpensive two-door model, Sedanet was offered as both Champion and Commander.
Both were priced under $2000. The Classic sedan joined the President lineup. All the wagons
became separate series and came as 2 doors. The Champion styled wagon was called Pelham,
the Commander styled was called Parkview and the President styled was called Pinehurst. The
coupes were also split off to create a new Hawk line of cars. They had modest tailfins and a
large square grille riding on an elevated hood. The DeLuxe style interiors featured tooled-metal
dash trim as on the 1955 Speedster. The coupes came in four models : The pillared ones were
Flight Hawk (Champion) and Power Hawk (Commander). The hardtops came as Sky Hawk
(President) and the top of the line Golden Hawk. The Golden Hawk carried a 275 hp 352
V-8 from new partner Packard. That engine made it very fast indeed. 0 - 60 mph was
performed in a mere 8.7 seconds. It had the most power-per-pound of any American car.
The sedans came as in '55 in three models : Champion, Commander and President. All three
were offered as 2 doors and 4 doors. No different trims were offered, like the '55s Custom,
DeLuxe and Regal. The Champion, Flight Hawk and Pelham carried as standard a 101 hp
185.6 cui inline 6. The Commander, Power Hawk and Parkview had a 170 hp 259.2 cui V-8.
Optional on all of the above was a 185 hp 259.2 V-8. The President and Pinehurst came
with a 195 hp 289 cui V-8 as standard while the Classic and Sky Hawk came with a 210 hp
289 V-8. Optional equipment on the Presidents, Sky Hawk and Pinehurst was a 225 hp
289 cui V-8. Finally, the Golden Hawk was offered with the 275 hp 352 cui V-8. A total
of 28.918 Champions (Champion, Pelham, Flight Hawk), 30.654 Commanders
(Commander, Parkview, Power Hawk), 21.819 Presidents (President, Pinehurst,
Sky Hawk) and 4.071 Golden Hawks were produced during the model year.

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