Studebaker for 1955

This is what Studebaker offered in 1955.

1955 Studebaker Commander Regal Conestoga 2 door wagon

The '55s from Studebaker wore a facelifted front with lots of chrome. This year Studebaker
presented the first postwar Presidents. Presidents replaced the Land Cruiser and were
offered in four bodystyles: DeLuxe and State 4 door sedans, pillared and pillarless State
coupe and the Speedster. The Speedster had quilted leather interior, full instrumentation
in a tooled-metal dash. It was offered in wild two-tone paint schemes like lemon and
lime or black and pink. It was a pricey piece at $3253 and was due to that no big seller
(just 2215 were built). In January 55 the Studebaker lineup got some changes. Commanders
got a 162 hp "Bearcat" 259 cui V-8 instead of the 224 cui (An optional "high power kit"
added another 20 hp). The Presidents got the 185 hp "Passmaster" version of the same
engine. None-coupe Studes got the "Ultra Vista" wraparound windshield. In '55 Champions,
Commanders and Presidents were offered as 2 and 4 door sedans, coupe, hardtop coupe
and the 2door wagon. Both Champions and Commanders were available in Custom,
DeLuxe and Regal trim. Presidents were offered in DeLuxe and State trim. Champions got
a new 185.6 cui inline 6 producing 101 hp and Commanders had a 224.3 cui V-8 with
140 hp. Later the same year Commanders got the 259.2 V-8 producing 162 hp. Early
Presidents had a 175 hp 259.2 cui V-8 while the late ones were offered with 185 hp. A
total of 50.368 Champions, 58.792 Commanders and 24.666 Presidents were
produced during the model year.

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