Studebaker for 1953

This is what Studebaker offered in 1953.

1953 Studebaker Commander Starlight coupe

Headlining the all-new 1953 Studebaker line were the now legendary "Loewy coupe". Perfect
from every angle, the coupe mounted a new 120.5 inch Land Cruiser chassis rather than the
116.5 inch platform which was used for other models. Studebaker's two- and four-door sedans
were almost as pretty. They were more upright though due to the shorter chassis. The '53 line
was a little delayed but when production finally did get going, demand for coupes was four times
that of sedans. The management had expected the reverse. A strike at Borg Warner curtails
availability of automatic transmissions. This years chassis was designed to flex and absorb
road shocks, but as time went by it lead to creaks and groans in the body. This year an outside
company started building the Studillac, which mixed a light Studebaker coupe body with Cadillac
V-8 power. In the 53 lineup both Commanders and Champions were offered as 2 and 4 door
sedans, Starlight coupe and the Starliner hardtop coupe. Commanders also offered the 4 door
Landcruiser. Champions were available in Custom, DeLuxe and Regal trim. Commanders offered
DeLuxe and Regal trim. Champions continued carrying the 169.6 cui inline 6 producing 85 hp
and Commanders had the 232.6 cui V8 with 120 hp. A total of 93.807 Champions and 84.849
Commanders were produced during the model year.

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