Studebaker for 1952

This is what Studebaker offered in 1952.

1952 Studebaker Commander State 4door sedan

This was the magic year, 100 years of business. An all new Studebaker was planned for the
centennial, with unit construction and evolutionary bullet-nose styling. This Stude which was
called the "N-series" just progressed to a running prototype. It was then abandoned due to
continuing government restraints and growing military production. The '52 Studebaker though
ended up as the last year with a facelifted '47 platform. It gained a toothy full-width grilled
dubbed "the clam digger" by Loewy stylists. The big news this year was the adding of a
pillarless two door hardtop called the Starliner. Studebaker paces the Indy 500 with a '52
Commander 2 door convertible. Studebaker take two class wins at Mobilgas Economy Run:
27.8 mpg for Champion and 25.6 for Commander V8. Again both Commanders and
Champions were offered as 2 and 4 door sedans, convertible and the Starlight coupe.
Commanders also offered the longer Landcruiser. Champions were available in Custom,
DeLuxe and Regal trim. Commanders offered Regal and State trim. Champions continued
carrying the 169.6 cui inline 6 producing 85 hp and Commanders had the 232.6 cui V8 with
120 hp. A total of 101.390 Champions and 84.849 Commanders were produced during the
model year.

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