Studebaker for 1951

This is what Studebaker offered in 1951.

1951 Studebaker Champion 4 door sedan

In 1951 Studebaker forced to raise prices a bit due to rising production costs. Customers
seemed happy to pay a little more though because Studebaker offered the brand new 232.6
cui V8. Commander sales went up more than 50% mostly due to that fact. Changes on the
body were slight. The bullet nose was toned down by painting its chrome outer ring. The air
vents above the subgrilles were erased. The model names was also spelled out on the hood
leading edges. Commanders now ride Champion's shorter (115 inch) wheelbase and by that
move lose 200 pounds. Landcruiser drops from 124 inch to 119 inch wheelbase. Studebaker
is the first make to offer Orlon convertible tops. Due to Korean war restrictions production
was held at 246.195 cars, although Studebaker increased its marketshare from 4.02% to
4.17%. Again both Commanders and Champions were offered as 2 and 4 door sedans,
business coupe, convertible and the Starlight coupe. Commanders also offered the longer
Landcruiser. Champions were available in Custom, DeLuxe and Regal trim. Commanders
offered Regal and State trim. Champions still carried a 169.6 cui inline 6 producing 85 hp and
Commanders had the new 232.6 cui V8 with 120 hp. A total of 144.286 Champions and
124.280 Commanders were produced during the model year.

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