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At the moment there are more than 1500 Studebaker images online at this site.
I'm about to go through each section from 1946 and up to 1966 again to improve
and add 100s of images. I'm also going to add a couple of special sections. You'll
find those special sections (like adverts, drawings etc.) under the "Other" button.
The latest updates brought these changes :

2005 Apr 14 - added factory photos and facts to 1964 section
2005 Feb 07 - added factory photos and facts to 1963 section
2005 Jan 26 - added factory photos and facts to 1955 section
2005 Jan 16 - added factory photos and facts to 1951 section
2005 Jan 09 - added factory photos and facts to 1962 section
2005 Jan 04 - added factory photos and facts to 1961 section
2005 Jan 01 - added factory photos and facts to 1960 section
2004 Dec 29 - replaced twelve 1956 & 1958 factory photos
2004 Dec 24 - a new guestbook set up
2004 Dec 23 - added factory photos,facts & text to 1959 section

Studebaker, what a fantastic company !!!

This page's purpose is to enlighten anyone interested in what kind of fine
machinery Studebaker once produced. Studebaker was born in 1852 when
brothers Henry and Clem built three covered wagons in South Bend, Indiana.
All in all there were five Studebaker brothers and over the coming years they
all participated in company affairs. In 1902 Studebaker began producing
automobiles. A lot of great automobiles left the factory during the next five
decades. Unfortunately Studebaker had, due to bad sales close production
in South Bend in 1963 and eventually also in Ontario, Canada in 1966.

I've been collecting Studebaker images in jpg-form for a few years now and
presently has mote than 50.000 of them. I've scanned quite a lot of images
myself but couldn't have done without the help from my friend Gary Cameron,
who have provided me with 100s and 100s of hard-to-get images of
Studebakers. Bo and a few other guys have helped me tremedously. (See
more under the Thanks section.) With this page I want to help anyone identify
a certain year of a Studebaker. Due to limited hard drive space on my ISP's
server, I won't be able to show that many photos and since I'm mostly
interested in autos made after the end of WW2 this page just describes
this part of Studebakers over 100 years of business.

If you are interested in Studebakers the best place to be is here:


(This is a newsgroup and you'll need a to specify your ISP's
news server to be able to attend the group)

I would like to own a Studebaker myself but here in Sweden they are really rare.
So if anyone knows of a restorable 1953 Studebaker Commander Starlight
Coupe for sale in the USA please let me know. OK, a Starliner would work fine too.

When the above was written I was looking for a 1953 Studebaker. Since then
though I've purchased two Studebakers, so now I'm the happy owner of both
a 1953 Starlight and a 1953 Starliner...

1953 Studebaker Commander Regal Starlight Coupe

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This page mostly consists of pictures of Studebakers of various years.
Since I'm not sure where I got every single image I don't know who did shoot each picture.
Please let me know if any of them violates any copyright law or
if the one shooting the image doesn't want it to appear on my page.
In those cases I get rid of that image right a way


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