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Before we take a look at Studebaker for 1947 lets see what they offered in 1946.

1946 Studebaker Skyway Champion 4 door Cruising sedan

In 1946 Studebaker and other American auto manufacturers returned to civilian
car sales, after a couple of years making military equipment for the government,
(World War II). Studebaker presented the Skyway Champions, which were slightly
altered versions of the 1942 Champions. Changes were few. An upper grille molding
that extended beneath the head lamps was added. At the same time the hoodside
moldings were eliminated and optional lamps atop the fenders were available.
Wide brightwork was added along rocker panels and bottoms of fenders. The
Skyway Champion came in four body styles : 3 passenger coupe, 5 passenger
coupe, 2 door club sedan and 4 door cruising sedan This year Studebaker offered
neither a Commander nor a President. The only engine you could get was the
80 hp 169.6 cui inline six which was the standard engine in the '42 Champions.

Only 19.275 were built before Studebaker introduced the all new '47s.

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