I have a very small and only slowly growing collection of videos of my boat. Instead of fiddling with embedding them here I refer you to my Yuotube channel. Descriptions and direct links are found below.

  • The oldest (Sept. 2006) and longest (12 min.) shows down-wind and close-hauled sailing in 16+ knots of wind in sheltered waters. The wind was gusty so there is spray and stuff. Down-wind we came close to 20 knots of boat speed and close-hauled we had up to 12 knots. The plus one video is a five minute version of the same material for those of you who are in a hurry.
  • This two minute video was shot by a visiting friend. It is a pretty nice overview of the 'deck layout' in action. Very pleasant sailing in some 8 knots of wind on midsummer nights eve (ca. 8 pm) 2010. The main halyard clutch was slipping so the main is sagging.
  • Here is a stop-motion video of me and two friends taking the boat apart and loading it on its trailer in October 2010.
  • Sailing backwards into the wind is not something I do often but here is a demo video shot in September 2014.
  • Most of my sailing is not backwards and not pushing to 20 knots but more like the example from 2010 above. Here are two more examples. Joy ride examples from 2014 and after work sailing from June 2016.

Equipment for the 2006 video

A 'bullet-cam' (seen below) fed a digital video camera via an interface board that processed data from a GPS to create the text overlay. The digital video camera, the interface board and batteries were protected from the elements by a watertight plastic bag.


Ten years later you just go shopping for an 'action cam'…