The boat that occupies most of this web is my present boat. Here is a short description of my first boat. It was a 22 foot cat designed by James Wharram. He called his design Hina.

I bought a set of plans in the mid 1970s and built the boat during a few summer vacations using high quality marine plywood and the wood traditionally used in this part of the world: Oak and fir. In 1979 she was finally launched. Later that year I learned about wood + epoxy for boatbuilding ...

Pi was not a spectacular performer. She was just a little longer than a Tornado but was twice as heavy and carried less sail area. At first she was exactly as designed by James Wharram but after some time I added a pair of dagger boards – a huge improvement. Down-wind joy was boosted by a small asymmetric spinnaker. The power to weight ratio was still poor so she needed a lot of wind to fire on all cylinders.

This is not to say Pi was a bad boat. She was definitely good enough to get me hooked on multihulls. On a windy day we left much bigger monohulls in our wake – even to windward. We also cruised up and down the coast some, camping on the platform using back packer gear.

I sold Pi while building my present boat. The new owner called me later that summer to tell me how happy he was with the boat.

Vital Statistics of Pi

dimension   Sail Area
LOA: 6.6 m Main: 10 sqm
LWL: ? m Jib: 6 sqm
BOA: 3.14 m Spi: 10+ sqm
Weight: 350 kg    
Mast height: 5+ m    
Draught: 0.3/0.9 m