This is a list of in-game quotes found in the pinball machine Twilight Zone and it has been compiled by Brian Dominy.
All credit goes to Brian.


(All quotes said by Rod Serling)

"You unlock this door with the key of imagination" -Starting a game.
"Player (number)" -Sometimes after a delay when starting multi-player games.
"Not an ordinary day or an ordinary place" -Usually whever no significant switches are hit in the first seconds
                                                                 of play, somewhat random.
"Not an ordinary day" -Variation of the above quote.
"Not an ordinary play for an ordinary day" -Variation of the above quote.
"Things are not as they first appear" -Ball Saver on, as a ball is auto-plunged back into play. -Sometimes just random.
"Beyond this door is dimension of mind" -Random.
"Beyond this door is dimension of time" -Random.
"Deal with the devil at your own risk, in the Twilight Zone" -Whenever you tilt. No quotes are given for "Danger" warnings.
"Big risk, big reward... in the Twilight Zone" -Scoring 100M or more in Bonus Countdown.


Power: "Are you ready to battle? Feel lucky?" -Lighting Battle the Power (after the first time, the
            "feel lucky" is omitted.
Power: "Huh huh huh huh" -First entrance to the Powerfield. -Hitting the unlit Power Payoff targets.
Power: "Lucky" -Second entrance to the Powerfield.
Power: "Stop it!" -Third entrance to the Powerfield.
Power: "Uhhhhhhhhhh (grunting)" -Defeating the Power during regular Powerfield play.
Power: "Ha ha ha ha" -Draining from the Powerfield.
Rod: "Never underestimate the power, in the Twilight Zone" -First (?) drain from the Powerfield.
Power: "Three, two, one" -Counting down your time on the Powerfield.
Power. "Nooooo!" -Defeating the Power.


Rod: "Beyond this door is a dimension of sight" -Locking ball one (Robot says "Don´t touch the door" once).
Rod: "Beyond this door is a dimension of sound" -Locking ball two (Robot says "Don´t touch the door" twice).
Robot: "Don´t touch the door, don´t touch the door, don´t touch the door,..." -Starting Multiball.
Robot: "Faster" -Sometimes while multiball restart is lit.
Robot: "You can do it" -Also said while Multiball restart is lit.
Rod: "You have just taken a detour through the Twilight Zone" -Multiball restart has timed out, regular play has resumed.
Robot: "Don´t miss" -Jackpot becomes lit via Camera.
Rod: "You have just crossed over into the Twilight Zone" -Soon after first ball is autolaunched during normal Multiball.
Power: "Jackpot!" -Collecting a jackpot.


Power: "Powerballll" -You first get the Power ball (i.e. it detects the Powerball on the field).
                                -You get a Powerball loop.
                                -You start Powerball Mania.
                                -You collect a Jackpot with and doubled by the Powerball.
Power: "Miss, and you lose it all!"
Power: "Give it back!"
Power: "It´s not yours"
Power: "Too hot to handle?"
Power: "Put it back!"
Robot. "Put it back" -Taunting while attempting to load the Gumball Machine with the Powerball.


Rod: "There is madness in town square" -Starting Town Square Madness.
Crowd. "AAAAHHHHH! Oh no!" -Screaming as you hit the Jets or the Slingshots during Town Square Madness.


Rod: "An opportunity awaits you in the form... of an extra ball" -Lighting an Extra Ball by the door panel any other method.
Robot: " The robots can help" -When one more robot will light Extra Ball.
Robot. "Get the extra ball" -An extra Ball is lit at the lock lane.
Tina: "Hi, I´m talky Tina, here´s your extra ball. Hee hee hee hee" -Collecting first Extra Ball.
Tina: "Here´s your extra ball, hee hee hee hee" -Collecting subsequent Extra Balls.
Robot: "Wubba wubba wubba" -An earned Extra Ball is served to the manual plunger lane.


Rod: "This clock... is worth millions" -Starting Clock Millions.


Rod: "Time is a one-way street... except in the Twilight Zone" -Starting Clock Chaos.
Robot: "Wubba wubba wubba" -Hitting the clock target during Clock Chaos.
Rudy (from Funhouse): "Quit playin´ with the clock!" -Said after six hits in Clock Chaos.


Rod: "This is a most unusual camera" -Lighting the Camera via the Camera door panel.
Rod: "Picture the future" -Lighting the Camera via Robots.
Robot: "Look to the future" -Sometimes after the Camera has been lit.
Robot: " The robots can help" -When one more robot will light the Camera.


Rod: "Note the hitchhiker -- there by the side of the road" -Getting the Hitchhiker panel.
Hitchhiker: "Going my way?" -Scoring a Triple Pickup whenever it doesn´t light Battle the Power.
                                            -Collecting the Camera: Hitchhiker Award whenever it doesn´t light Battle the Power;
                                             i.e. Battle the Power is already lit.


Rod: "The spiral awaits you" -Starting the Spiral Round.
Robot: "Enter the spiral" -Useless quote said near the start of the Spiral Round.
Robot: "One. Two. Three" -Collecting the first, second and third Spirals respectively during the Spiral Round.
Robot: "Breakthrough!" -Collecting Spiral Breakthroughs.
Robot. "Don´t go near the spiral" -Sometimes said when the left Spiral is lit via the right inlane.


Rod: "Ten million points" -Getting the 10M panel.


Rod: "It seems that one of life´s payoffs is ahead" -Starting Super Slot Round.


Rod: "It´s time to tune in to... the Twilight Zone" -Starting Fast lock Round.
Cousin It: "Aaah eeh ehhh aeaeh" -1st fifth of Fast Lock countdown starts.
Cousin It: "AAAAAAHHHHH!" -Fast Lock Multiball started during 1st fifth of countdown.
Rudy: "Hey, it´s only pinball" -2nd fifth of Fast Lock countdown starts.
Rudy: "(gulp)... Blleeeeahh!" -Fast Lock Multiball started during 2nd fifth of countdown.
Whirlwind-guy: "Return to your homes" -3rd fifth of Fast Lock countdown starts.
Whirlwind-guy: "Do not panic" -Fast Lock Multiball started during 3rd fifth of countdown.
Earthshaker-guy: "It´s sunny drive time" -4th fifth of Fast Lock countdown starts.
Earthshaker-lady: "Ooh, gimme shelter" -Fast Lock Multiball started during 4th fifth of countdown.
Banzai Run-guy: "Welcome race fans" -Last fifth of Fast Lock countdown starts.
Banzai Run-guy: "Go for the hill" -Fast Lock Multiball started during final fifth of countdown.


Rod: "This shot requires skill, super skill" -Lighting Super Skill Shot via the door panel.
Rod: "Be careful" -Getting the ball to manual plunger when Super Skill Shot is lit.


Rod: "The stakes are higher, in the Twilight Zone" -Starting the Greed Round.
Rod: "There, see what greed will get you?" -Scoring 25M or more during Greed Round.
Robot. "You want more? More.. more.." -Said as you hit 5M targets during Greed Round.


Rod: "You have come to the end of your journey. Survival is everything" -Starting Lost in the Zone.
Power: "Five, four, three, two, one" -Counting down your time remaining during LITZ.


Rod: "Player (number): not an ordinary game, nor an ordinary player" -Just before getting to enter
        your initials for a high score. Once per game.
Gomez(?): "Greeeeeed" -After buying an extra ball.