Playfield Concept & Design:
John Popadiuk
Software & Design:
Jeff "Japple" Johnson
Mechanical Engineer:
Jack Skalon, Ernie Pizarro
Mechanical Design:
Joe Loveday
Art & Design:
Linda Deal
Music & Design:
Dr. Dave Zabriskie
Dot Animations:
Brian C. Morris, Adam "Ation" Rhine


The object is to journey into the Theatre of Magic and bring to life some of the greatest illusions and Magic of all time.
The player must apprentice to complete all 4 MAGICIANSHIP levels, become a MASTER and then perform the GRAND FINALE.

Slogans: "Enter into a new age of Pinball"
"It got that magic touch."
"ThereĀ“s more...than meets the eye."

Production Run: 6.600
Serial Number: 52139101535
Date Of Manufacture: 04/05/95
Date Of Purchase: June 3, 2005 (sold January 2009)
Bragging Score*:
Game ROM Revision: 1.3 x

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The following new parts has been installed since I bought the game in 2005:
4 Steel Balls
Magic Trunk
Trunk Decal
Trap Door Steel Flap
Trap Door Decal

And even more parts when I did a full renovation in 2007:
2 Flipper Bats
2 Flipper Coil Sleeves
2 Flipper Coilstops
2 Plunger Link Assy
3 Bumper Ring and Rod
3 Bumper Metal Yokes
3 Bumper Fiber Yokes
3 Bumper Bodies
3 Bumper Coil Sleeves




Cabinet, front

Cabinet, side

Backbox, side