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Here are some of the sounds used in pinball games from Williams and Bally.
The files are in WAV-format.
Visit Stefan Anderssons´ website for some great in-game pinball music.

The Addams Family Gold


Fifty million!

So it can kill you!



The Mamushka!



This is lunacy!


It has to warm up!


Come on everybody!

Just what we´ve been searching for!


Cousin It

Look, darling!

Triple jackpot!

Cousin Its hideout!

Mansion fanfare

Who says you can´t take it with you!

Dirty pool, old man!

Out to the cemetary!

Why, thank you Thing!

Feel the power!

Raise the dead!

You´re a funny guy!

Fifteen million!



Attack from Mars

No time for tea, blast those Martians!

Look out Martians, Germany coming...

You´re the best!


Take that, muffinhead!

You some ugly Martians!

I hate Martians!

Come here, tasty human!

You know, I enjoy killing these martians!

Cactus Canyon

There´s a bad guy out there!

You´re messing with the wrong hombre!

Oh my, a showdown!

Do be a gentleman and save me!

Hope to see you soon!

I´m so glad you´re back!

That was a bit too close for comfort!

You don´t think I see you, but I do!

Thank you, stranger!

Bubba mad now!

Jackpot, whopee!

You´re the greatest!

Bubba gonna mess you up!

Lock is lit and so am I!

Wadda ya think you´re doing pilgrim?

Welcome to carcass...Cactus Canyon!

So many bodies, so little time!

Oh well, there goes my weekend!

Come in and take a load off, stranger!

Me Bubba, you dead!

Welcome to Cactus Canyon, stranger!

Don´t move, it´s a gunfight!

You mess with Bubba, Bubba mess...

Ooh, what are you packin´?

Get that bad guy!

Mess with me, will ya?

Yeah, shoot the bad guy!

I want to go home now, ´kay boss?

Ooh, I´ve never seen nothin´ like that!

You can do it!

Oh no, it´s high noon!

Shoot that bad guy!

Hit that bad guy!

Oh goodie, you shot them all!

Cirqus Voltaire


Holy smoke!

This is Sideshow Sam!

I´ll be back!

And the judges score...!

JackP-O-T that spells jackpot!

You wish to challenge me?

Juggler multiball!

Welcome to Cirqus Voltaire!



Well done...I guess!

Down Simba!

You make me weep...not really!

You have what it takes, come join the...

Get ready for the greatest pinball on...

No more...not again!

I am the ringmaster!

That was great circus fun!

You´re a pinball wizard!

It´s partytime!






Sound 3


Sound 1

Sound 4


Sound 2

No match


I don´t think we should do this!

Get out of my junkyard!

Shut up and let him fly!

Eat hot toast, sucker!


Spike, you smell!

Evasive manouvers!

You´ve gonna need a bath after this!

I´m gonna swat you like a fly!

You´re going down, flyboy!

Red alert, red alert!

Time for a swim!

Medieval Madness

Big dragon, but I bet you´re bigger!

I am Francois du Grimm, and I will get...

Replay fanfare

Save me, I´m a bloody princess!

You know why they call me Howard...

Rescue the princess from the tower...

Come on, Sir Loin of Beef!

I will show you why I am the King of...

I am Sir Psycho!

With crutons and sprouts!

Sir Loin of Beef, with the Shishkebab!

Oh no, smack a troll!

I am the Duke of Bourbon, and I will...

Yoohoo, mein helmut has horns!

This is like, totally medieval!

I am the Earl of Ego, kneel before me!

Such a nice boy, you wanna meet my...

The castle burns, get the weenies!

We eat you for lunch!

Monster Bash

Look Master, I´m armed and dangerous

Can you hit this bat with that ball?

Monsters of rock!

Back in my day we didn´t have jackpots

I never got 3x for a jet, you...

Somebody stop me!

I am Count Dracula, and you´re not!

It´s alive!

He was still moving but I told him I just...

Somebody fetch me a razor!

Jump back, kiss myself!

The Dogman is coming!

Can I get some fries with that stake?

Let´s rock!

Oh my God, that is the ugliest drain...

Hey slick, you´re making me dizzy...

I will mesmerize you with my...

Yeah baby, I´m cool!

NBA Fastbreak

Cheering crowd

 Hit the road Jack, you´re history!

Back to school, baby!

Go for it!


All right folks, let´s get this one...

It´s goood!

It´s showtime!


Ooh, that had to hurt!

He´s lost it, out of bounds!

And ladies and gentlemen, I´m outta here

Ooh, he scores!

No Good Gofers

This ain´t as easy as it looks!

Don´t worry, gravity is your friend!

Over here, chicken!

My brain hurts!

Hole in one, oops wrong hole!

Go pound some sand!

Do it again!


That was real special!

Everybody dance!

Look out!

Bud could shoot better than that!

Get off my lawn!

We need quiet!

What kind of shot was that?

Say goodbye to your balls!


We´re your worst nightmare!

Good job, Bud!

You´re on our turf now!


Revenge From Mars


That´s not my spleen, that´s my wife!

Keep firing boys, turn them into...


Oh, oh, ooh noo!

I´ve got a can of asswoop in the truck...

Paris, the city of love!

Man, that´s one big pig!

Martian belch

I feel your pain, Martians!

Start music

This just in: spaceships from Mars are...

Mmm, hot dogs, yummie!

We´re gonna get some pretty big eggs...

You´ll never defeat Paris, you Martians...

Round fanfare

Stick it up your neck, you ugly green...

Go back to Mars, and take your four...

Let´s fry them green little jellybutts!


Road Show

Back to work!

Let´s fire that thing up!

Time to go to work!


Let´s wreck some road!

Where´s my paycheck?

Game over, baby!

Now that´s pinball!

Safe Cracker

Candy: Computer Aided Neutralization..

Any mistake will result in complete...

I´ve got something special waiting for...


Have a nice day!

Tokens, the stuff dreams are made of!

I am the Candy 2000 Security System!

I´m not happy with you now!

Vault penetration is imminent!

Scared Stiff

Ooh, do it again!

Now look what you´ve done!

Wake me up when you´re done!

How about another ball?

Ooh no!

I´m warning you!

You just don´t listen, do you?

Ooh, jackpot!

You da man!

Let´s see how scared stiff you can get!

It´s time to get scared stiff!

Star Wars Episode 1

This is my apprentice, Darth Maul!

Wesa gonna be eatin´ by that thing!

Once those droids take control of the...

Yousa in big doodoo!

You almost got us killed, are you...

Ouch, that´s muy biggo oucho!

I am C3PO, human-cyborg relations!

Aah, hard to see the dark side is!

Yousa play bery, bery good!

Control the force, don´t let it control...

You have done well, Viceroy!

How about some podracing?

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate..

It´s the Jedi!

I am queen Amidala!

Do you find what you need?

You know, I find that Jar Jar creature...

At last we will reveal ourselves to the...

Fire your laser!

Be mindful of the living force, young...

We split the winnings fifty/fifty I think?

I warn you, no funny business!

Mindtricks don´t work on me, only...

What you think you´re some kind of...

Let´s get out of here before more...

Now Viceroy, we will discuss a new...

Get to your ships!

Tales of The Arabian Nights

You´re amazing!

You´re my only hope!

You´re wish is my command!

Genie laugh

Ooh, you´re powerful!


A gift from me to you!

Let the tales begin!

You´re no match for my powers!

I can not be defeated!

The treasure is now before you!


 Twilight Zone


Big risk, big reward, in the twilight zone




Going my way?

Slot payout

Car horn


The twilight zone!

Clock chime

It´s not yours!

Time is a one way street!

Deal with the devil, at your own risk...


Too hot to handle?

Don´t touch the door!


You unlock this door with the key of...


Piano fanfare


The Addams Family

Pinball Wizard by Elton John, from Tommy

Apollo 13


Back to The Future

Pop Goes The Weasel, from Twilight Zone


Red River Rock by Johnny & The Hurricanes, from CFTBL 

Dr Who

Rock around The Clock by Bill Haley, from CFTBL*

Every Little Thing by Carlene Carter, from Road Show

The Simpsons

Feelings by Frank Sinatra, from Party Zone

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Flintstones

Star Wars

Get a Job, from CFTBL*

Summertime Blues by Eddie Cochran, from CFTBL*


Tales from The Crypt

Willie and The Hand Jive by John Otis, from CFTBL*

Terminator 2

Independence Day

Toccata and Fugue by J S Bach, from Haunted House

Indiana Jones

Twilight Zone

Jurassic Park

Twilight Zone by Golden Earring, from Twilight Zone

La Grange by ZZ Top, from Getaway


The X-Files

*Creature from The Black Lagoon


Made by Torbjörn Molander

"Beyond this door is a dimension of sound"