Scared Stiff Quote Sheet

The following new parts was installed after I bought the machine in May 2003:
2 Flipper Coils
2 Flipper Coil Stops
2 Flipper Coil Tubings
2 Flipper Link Assemblies
2 Flipper Bushings
2 Flipper Return Springs
2 Boney Flippers
3 Bumper Wafers
3 Armature Links, Steel
Right Popper Coil
4 Steel Balls
Crate Decal
Hole protectors
Dancing Boogiemen Kit
Red LED Skullpile Eyes Kit
Eyeball Shooter Kit


Cabinet, front with Eyeball Shooter installed.

Cabinet, side

Backbox, side


The Deadheads with red LED eyes.

New Crate decal with Mylar and all red LEDs are working

Repaired Spider hole with hole protector installed.