Pinball Owners Lists

Pinball Machine
Manager of List
4 Queens Jim West
The Addams Family Brian Dust
The Addams Family Gold pinball.wizard[at]
 Attack from Mars  Jim West
 Black Hole  Peter Hall
Black Knight  Barry Miller
 Black Knight 2000 Andrew Newton
Blackout  Mitch Brink
Cactus Canyon Keith Foy
 Champion Pub Tony D'Aprile
 Cirqus Voltaire Submit Form
Creature From The Black Lagoon Dennis Paisley
 Cyclone Jim West
 Demolition Man Jim West
Doctor Who Ari Sovijärvi
 Dracula  Submit Form
Earthshaker! pinball.wizard[at]
 Escape From The Lost World  Submit Form
F-14 Tomcat Jim West
 Flash Gordon Barry Miller
 Fire! Jim West
Fish Tales Chris Bucci
  Funhouse Jim West
 The Getaway -High Speed II  Submit Form
 Hyperball Jim West
 High Speed Jim West
Indiana Jones Mike Saunders
 Johnny Mnemonic Jim West
 Judge Dredd Jim West
Junk Yard Oscar van Driel
  The Machine -Bride of Pinbot  Jim West
Medieval Madness Robert Winter
Monopoly Dennis Paisley
Monster Bash Dennis Paisley
 No Good Gofers Dave Stambaugh
 Pinbot  Jim West
Popeye Saves The World Tillman Strahan
 Revenge From Mars  Martin Wiest
Road Show   Grahame Fairall
 Safe Cracker Jim West
Scared Stiff Robert Winter
  The Shadow  Application form
Star Trek (Bally 1979) Barry Miller
 Star Trek 25th Anniversary  Submit Form
Star Trek: The Next Generation Jim West
Star Wars Episode 1 Martin Wiest
Tales of The Arabian Nights  Aswin Bouwmeester
Theatre of Magic Edwin Wolkorte
Twilight Zone Chris Graham
 Whirlwind Jim West
White Water Jim West
Who Dunnit?  Submit Form
Xenon Jim West
The X-Files Jim West