The Menagerie Ball on the playfield came in five different colors: green, red, yellow, blue and white.

The Neon Tube on the playfield came in six different colors: blue, green, red, pink, orange and purple.

There were about 200 Sample Games made and the differences between these and the Production Games are:

                               Sample Game Differences

                  What's a sample game?
                  A sample game is usually a preproduction version of an upcoming title of a pinball machine that is about
                  to hit the open market. These preproduction games are usually designed so that they can be tested on
                  location for playability issues, software bugs and also to show the amusement industry what the
                  company has up their sleeve for the weeks/months ahead.  Since these games are primarily designed
                  for testing purposes they are usually produced in small numbers....less than a couple hundred, I believe.

                  Although not always the case some sample versions of pinball games exhibit differences than their
                  production run counterpart. These changes were usually made for reasons of gameplay, cosmetics and
                  even production cost restraints.

                  Cirqus Voltaire is a good example of game that you can clearly see it's differences between Sample and
                  production. Just look at the pictures below to see some of the many differences.

                  .View the actual differences by clicking on the hotspots on the image above. Description of the numbers
                                          listed on the image are listed below.

                               Misprint on Instruction Card
                               Changed "CRANK" marvel to "SPIN", also "Defeat all RINGMASTERS" in
                               sample version is a decal, as opposed to printed on playfield.
                               Changed "Acrobat" and "Juggler" playfield lamp inserts to "Acrobat
                               Ready" and "Juggler Ready". These inserts where also changed from
                               yellow to white.
                               Added into the production version the words "Bally Hoo" in front of the
                               yellow targets as well as changed "Tickle The" to "Defeat The" in front of
                               the Ringmaster.
                               Small Ringmaster heads were changed from decals in the sample version
                               to being printed on the playfield. The word Multiball is printed in black
                               underneath each of the RingMaster Marvels.
                               The most obvious of them all. The Ringmaster was changed before
                               production from a normal shaped head to a more cylinderical fat head to
                               help prevent the ball from getting stuck behind him.
                               Added the letters S-P-I-N to the 4 blue lamp inserts in front of the

Visit WMS official homepage to learn more about the design history of Cirqus Voltaire.