Thanks to Stefan Ljungström (pinball ark) for helping me find this awesome machine!


Brian Eddy
Lyman F. Sheats Jr.
Doug Watson
Robert C. Friesl
Sounds & Music:
Dan Forden

RULE THE UNIVERSE: Collect Super Jackpot,
Super Jets, Martian Multiball, Total Annihilation,
Conquer Mars and 5-way Combo to light
Rule The Universe.

Slogans: "An unstoppable earnings invasion!"
"Mayhem, madness and destruction were never
so much fun!"

Production Run: 3.450
Serial Number: 52141101542
Date Of Manufacture: 03/19/96
Date Of Purchase: July 20, 2002 (traded it for a LOTR in 2011)
Bragging Score*: 40.353.835.690
Martian Champion: 105
Game ROM Revision: 1.13

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Score Guide
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The following new parts has been installed since I bought the game in 2002:
Flipper Buttons
2 Flipper Coil Stops
2 Flipper Coil Tubings
2 Flipper Link Assemblies
2 Flipper Bushings
2 Flipper Return Springs
2 Flipper Bats w/ Shaft
3 Bumper Bodies
3 Bumper Wafers
3 Bumper Coil Tubings
3 Armature Links, Steel
4 Martians
1 Saucer Flasher Dome
2 Martian Targets
1 Right Popper Weldment (enhanced version)
"Stroke of Luck" Hole Protector
4 Steel Balls
Mini Saucer LED-kit



Cabinet, front

Cabinet, side

Backbox, side



Stroke of Luck-hole before

Note the usual wear on the edges around the hole and the wear between the "Extra Ball"- and
"Stroke Of Luck"-inserts.


 Stroke of Luck-hole after

The playfield is cleaned with Novus #2 and the wear around the hole is eliminated with "Plastic Wood" and  Humbrol model paint.
The same paint is used on the wear between the Inserts.
A metal hole protector is installed to prevent further wear.

Bumper area before

Note the worn Bumper Wafers and the dirty playfield.

Bumper area after

The playfield is cleaned with Novus #2 and new Bumper Wafers and Bumper Bodies is installed.