Attack From Mars Score Guide (ROM rev. 1.1)

by Torbjörn Molander
This is not a rule sheet or a strategy guide, it´s just a way for the curious one
to find out how many points you score where and when in the game.



Skill Shot: Ball 1 scores 10M , Ball 2 scores 20M, Ball 3 30M and so on.

Also gives +5X Bonus.

Super Skill Shot: 50M.


Bonus X Lanes: 250K when unlit and 50K when already lit. When both has been lit the Bonus Multiplier increases by 1X and the Jet Bumper value increases by 50K.


Jet Bumpers: Starting value is 1M and is increased by 50K for every completed Bonus X Lanes. Maximumvalue is 2M. Super Jets scores 3M.


Stroke of Luck: 5010 points whether lit or unlit.

Stroke of Luck Awards:



Strobe Multiball: 50M/hit on the Center Bank targets. Every 10th hit scores 250M up to 100 hits. After 100 hits is each hit worth 250M.

Video Mode: 3M per saucer. Finished Video Mode scores 635M.

Sneak Attack: A countdown starting at 150M.


Slingshots: 3570 points.


Inlanes/Outlanes: Unlit Lane scores 250K, lit scores 50K. 5M for lighting all four.


Saucers: Hitting an unlit Shield target scores 2M, a lit scores 1M. 20M for lowering the shield.


The two inner targets and the drop target always scores 1M each plus the following:


Saucer 1: Power remaining: 50M. No power left: 5M. Destroyed saucer: 200M.

Saucer 2: Power remaining: 60M. No power left: 5M. Destroyed saucer: 300M.

Saucer 3: Power remaining: 70M. No power left: 5M. Destroyed saucer: 400M.

Saucer 4: Power remaining: 80M. No power left: 5M. Destroyed saucer: 500M.

Saucer 5: Power remaining: 90M. No power left: 5M. Destroyed saucer: 600M.

Attack Mars: The inner targets scores 1M and hitting Mars scores 100M.

The final hit on Mars (Conquer Mars) scores 2.5B. The drop target is now worth 100M.


Martians: Each Martian target is worth 1M when unlit and 500K when lit.

Spelling "MARTIAN" scores 10M.

The first Martian Attack started scores 20M, the second 30M and so on up to 100M.

This value is increased by 10M (max 100M) when spelling "MARTIAN" before starting Martian Attack.

The same goes for each Martian during Martian Attack Multiball.


Multiball: Light Lock: 5.015.010. Lock: 10.005.010. Start Multiball: 20.005.010.

The Jackpot value in order:

60M, 70M, 80M, 90M, 100M, 250M (1st Super JP),

110M, 120M, 130M, 140M, 150M, 500M (2nd Super JP),

160M, 170M, 180M, 190M, 200M, 750M (3rd Super JP),

200M, 200M, 200M, 200M, 200M, 1B (4th Super JP).

The maximum Jackpot value is 200M and the maximum Super Jackpot value is 1B.


The starting value of the Jackpot for each Multiball is decided by how many Super Jackpots

You managed to score in the previous Multiball.

No Super JP: starting value 60M.

1 Super JP: starting value 110M.

2 Super JP: starting value 160M.

3 Super JP: starting value 200M.


Combos: 2-way Combo: 25M, 3-way Combo: 30M, 4-way Combo: 35M and so on up to a maximum of 250M.


Total Annihilation (TA): Capture, Big-O-Beam, Tractor Beam and Atomic Blaster all scores as followed: 1: 20M, 2: 25M, 3: 30M.

One Hurry-Up running gives a starting value of 100M, two running starts at 300M, three running starts at 500M. All three values counts down to 25M.

Four Hurry-Ups running at the same time is worth 1B (no countdown).

Fleeing Bonus scores 10M.


The first ramp/loop is worth 50M (Annihilation Award) during TA, the next one is worth 55M and so on up to a maximum of 250M. The Annihilation Award value is also added to the TA Jackpot until collected.

The first TA Jackpot starts at 100M, the next one starts at 110M and so on up to a maximum starting value of 500M.

The Lock Ramp awards the current Annihilation Award value (without raising it) when the TA Jackpot isn´t lit.

There is no maximum limit for a TA Jackpot raised by the Annihilation Awards!


The next TA started has a 75M Annihilation Award starting value and

a 150M TA Jackpot starting value.


Rule The Universe (RTU): Everything is lit!

Drop Target: 100M

Martians: 30M

Jet Bumpers: 3M

Super Jackpot: Current Super Jackpot value (see Multiball): 500M, 750M or 1B.

Annihilation Award: Same principal as during TA.

Annihilation Jackpot: Same principal as during TA.


When 5B has been achieved during RTU Multiball another 5B is awarded.


Victory Laps: Each ramp and loop scores 100M.

The drop target raises this value by 10M/hit up to a maximum of 500M.


Bonus: The starting value for each ball is 5M.

Each switch on the playfield adds 49.570 to the starting value.

Each Martian scores 250K. Maximum Bonus Multiplier is 250X.

Bonus count: 5M + 49.570 per switch + 250K per Martian x Bonus X.