This is a list of in-game quotes found in the pinball machine Attack From Mars.



Starting a game:
Male announcer: "This is an emergency broadcast: the Earth is being invaded by flying saucers from Mars!"
Male announcer: "This just in: reports are coming in from all over the World, the Earth is under attack, an attack from Mars!"
Martian: "You again?"
Martian: "Earth will be ours!"
Martian: "Greetings earthling. Ha ha ha!"
Martian: "Greetings earthling. Bwa ha ha ha ha!"

Attract mode sounds:
Martian: "Come here, tasty human!"
Martian: "Hey look, your shoe is untied! Ha ha ha ha!"
Martian: "Aaarrgh!"

Ball save:
Man: "Return to battle, soldier!"

Martian: "Had enough?"

Man: "Replay!"

Dirty Pool:
Martian: "Not so fast!"


Martian: "Your cities will be destroyed!"
Martian: "We are invincible!"
Martian: "You can´t defeat our forcefield!"
Martian: "Nothing can defeat us!"


Paris, France
(All quotes said with a french accent)
Man: "Sacre bleu, the Martians are destroying the Eiffel Tower!"
Man: "We must destroy the stinking Martians!"
Man: "Remove that saucer from the sky!"
Man: "Take that, you ugly, green, stinking, disgusting Martian!"
Man: "You Martians will never take France!"
Man: "Go away from France, you Martians from another planet!"
Man: "Viva la France!"
Man: "Destroy the saucer!"
Man: "Oh la la!"
Man: "Outrageous!"
Man: "You are very skillful!"

Berlin, Germany
(All quotes said with a german accent)
Man: "We must save the Brandenburger Tor!"
Man: "The Brandenburger Tor is in danger!"
Man: "We will fight for Germany!"
Man: "They´re Martians, they´ll never take Germany!"
Man: "Take that, you ugly green Martian!"
Man: "Germany will kick your Martian butt to the moon!"
Man: "Look out Martians, Germany coming through!"
Man: "Destroy the saucer!"
Man: "Destroy the Martians!"
Man: "Germany is victorious!"

Pisa, Italy
(All quotes said with an italian accent)
Man: "Mama mia, the Martians are straightening the Tower of Pisa!"
Man: "Mama mia, save the Tower of Pisa!"
Man: "What´s the matter you, you ugly Martian?"
Man: "I pasta your face, you ugly green Martian!"
Man: "Take that, you pasta head!"
Man: "Excellent!"
Man: "Blow the saucer out of the sky!"
Man: "Italia, Italia!"

London, England
(All quotes said with an english accent)
Woman: "Blimie, London Bridge is falling down, isn´t it?"
Woman: "No time for tea, blast those Martians!"
Woman: "Destroy the bleedin´ saucer!"
Woman: "Destroy the silly little Martians!"
Woman: "Take that, you horrible green Martian!"
Woman: "I say, good shot!"
Woman: "Super shot!"
Woman: "Blow the saucer out of the sky!"
Woman: "Ta da for now!"
Woman: "Well done!"

New York, USA
(All quotes said with an american accent)
Man: "We gotta save the Statue of Liberty!"
Man: "Take that, Martian!"
Man: "We´ll fight for our freedom!"
Man: "We´ll blow the snot out of you, Martian!"
Man: "Blast the saucer!"
Man: "Destroy the saucer!"
Man: "Nobody messes with the USA!"

Attack Mars
Man: "We must finish them off! Let´s take their ship and attack Mars!"
Martian: "Ha, we won´t be defeated so easily!"
Martian: "Not so fast, human!"
Martian: "Martians: superior, Humans: pathetic! Ha!"
Martian: "Puny humans, we have four arms!"
Martian: "No, no, noo! Can´t we just be friends?"
Martian: "But we´ll be back!"


Man: "Get the troops ready!"
Man: "Take every available man!"
Man: "Missiles on standby!"
Man: "Missiles locked on target!"
Man: "Multiball!"
Man: "Jackpot!"
Martian: "Jackpot!"
Man: "Super Jackpot!"
Martian: "Oh baby!"

Woman: "Aaahhh!"
Martian: "Ha, ha, ha!"
Martian: "Aaarr...women!"
Woman: "Help...oh, no!"
Woman: "Get your hands off me, all four of them!"
Martian: "Aaarr...more women!"
Woman: "Put me down!"
Woman: "Get your hands off me!"
Woman: "Save me, save me!"
Woman: "Oh thank you, thank you!"
Woman: "You´re the best!"
Woman: "You´re my hero!"


Man: "A crab fish!"
Woman: "Would you look at the size of that cow?"
Woman: "It´s hideous!"
Woman: "Ah!"
Man: "Watch out man, they´ve got a Big-O-Beam!"


Man: "Hey, they got our shop!"
Man: "They took our car!"
Man: "No, not our Hot Dogs!"
Woman: "Oh no, Sparky!"
Woman: "Oh no, they got our live stock, treasures and historical monuments!"
Man: "Stop them!"
Man: "Get them!"


Man: "We´re gonna build an Atomic Blaster!"
Martian: "It will never work!"
Man: "Use the Atomic Blaster, now!"
Martian: "Run away!"


Man: "Excellent!"
Man: "Great shot!"
Man: "Well done, soldier!"
Man: "Wohoo!"


Man: "Look out, Martians!"
Woman: "Look out, Martians!"
Martian: "Attack!"
Martian: "Not you again? Aaarrgh!"
Martian: "Bwa ha ha, attack!"
Martian: "Oh no!"
Martian: "Na-na, missed me!"
Martian: "Oh, not multiball!"
Skull (from No Fear): "Again!"
Man: "Look out, more Martians!"
Man:"God damn, you some ugly Martians!"
Man: "Take that, muffinhead!"
Man: "I hate Martians!"
Woman: "You know, I enjoy killing these Martians!"


Man: "Total annihilation, yohoo!"
Man: "Take that, bristlehead!"
Man: "Take that, wrinklehead!"
Man: "Take that, muffinhead!"


Man: "Super Jets!"


Woman: "Go for the extra ball!"
Man: "Extra ball!"
Man: "Shoot again!"


Martian: "Surprice, ha ha!"
Martian: "Hey look, your shoe is untied! Ha ha ha ha!"
Martian: "Na, na-na, na-na-na! Phffrrrt!"
Martian: "Na-na, missed me!"


Martian: "So, you want to rule the Universe? You don´t stand a chance!"
Man: "Take that, bristlehead!"
Man: "Take that, wrinklehead!"
Man: "Take that, muffinhead!"
Martian: "You rule the Universe!"
Man: "Five billion!"