To commemorate the best selling pinball-machine ever, Bally made this Collectors´ Edition of  The Addams Family in
a limited series of 1000 games.
The regular version of  TAF was made in 20.270 ex., breaking Williams´ old sales record of 19.505 ex. held by Flash.
Every machine that exceeded the old record got a cabinet with gold details in the artwork. The playfield and rule set were however the same.

What differs TAFG from TAF is the following:

Legs, front hand protector, cabinet side armor and operations manual are all gold colored.
The same goes for the jet bumpers, "Things" box, the bookcase ,center ramp wire form and the artwork
on the cabinet and the bottom arch.
A numbered and engraved plaque is mounted on the front of the cabinet.
A certificate of authenticity is included, numbered and signed by the whole design-team.
New speech is included.
A Buy-In button is included.

Changes in game play:

Cousin Its Hideout: When given a Mansion Room award, you will sometimes also achieve Cousin Its Hideout
(1-4 times per whole mansion, operator adjustable).
The Hideout awards are (given in random order):
Cousin Its Hat (5M)
Cousin Its Hair Brush (5M)
Cousin Its Sunglasses (7M)
Cousin Its Car Keys (8M)
Cousin Its Hair Spray (10M)
Cousin Its Hair Dryer (15M)
Cousin Its Wristwatch (20M)
Cousin Its Gold Chain (25M)
Cousin Its Gold Pinball (light extra ball)
Cousin Its Bag of Gold (light special)

Wednesday and Pugsleys Secret Passage: When awarded the 3M Room you will also get another random Room.

Super Seance: The Seance Room is sometimes replaced with Super Seance, where each "knock" is worth 5M
more than the usual Seance.