A Safe Cracker can be seen in the movie "Replacement Killers" starring Chow Yun Fat and Mira Sorvino.
The lead characters hide behind the Safe Cracker during a shoot out in an arcade, where many Pinball machines gets destroyed (very sad!).
The Safe Cracker makes it, though!

Below are some DMD graphics and stills from animations that aren´t used in the game but still available on the Game ROM.
Thanks to Mike Morrey for letting me use these pictures which also can be seen on his website.

Part of animation.

Part of animation.

A three frame incomplete animation. 
The last frame starts a pan-up, but there's nothing else.


Part of animation.
When the alarm goes off in the board game, and you shoot back into the cellar, the burgler jumps back into the sewer.
This is the second half, which isn't shown.
Note the "DOHO" on the sewer lid.