Welcome honoured guest! My name is Torbjörn Molander and this is my pinball-site. I´m a pinball collector living in a suburb to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
I´ve been a pinhead since the early -90´s and I bought my first pinball machine in 1994, a TX-Sector (Gottlieb 1988). I sold it a couple of years later to buy an all-time-favourite of mine: Twilight Zone.
The machines has come and gone since then and you can see the complete list at My Pinball Collection.



My Pinball Collection
The pinball machines that I own/has owned plus facts about them.

Earthshaker Owners List
A list of owners plus facts about the game.

Cows and Easter Eggs
All you need to know about what hides in pinball machines.

A Dimension of Sound
Over 270 WAV-samples from actual pinball games and 30 pinball related MIDI-files.

The Addams Family Gold Owners List
A list of owners plus facts about the game.

A Dimension of Sight
Pictures, pictures, pictures! Pinball Expo ´99, Plastics, Flyers and miscellaneous stuff.


The Ring of Pinball
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