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Thomas Gray, Sound Editor

Creating his first opera at the age of 11, Thomas has been regarded as a musical prodigy. With the ability to play violin, flute, harpa, piano and guitar, he enchants and brings his audience to a new level.

Thomas has been part of the production of many music videos, such as: "Take my breath away", "Jiggy Boy" and "Two suns at once".

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Josh Trishkin, Animator

Josh has been working in the film industry for 19 years. Discovered by industry experts when he was 17, Josh quickly grew to become one of the most recognized and well-knows animators in Bollywood.

Josh is known for his ability to bring depth to his animation, engaging the viewer emotionally. Josh worked for Disney for 8 years, where he was part of creation of Aladdin, Beauty and the beast and Snow White.


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