Julkonsert 2002
Old Clan Inn
21 December !!!!
Björn Hammarberg
David Parkin
Lasse Forsberg
George Hastings
Lennart Östblom

Drums, Spel, Vocals

Bass, Vocals
Guitar Vocals and Tin Whistle
Banjo, Mandolin and on holiday

Tuckers Lilla Kapell are the ragged offspring of Elvert Under Ground, playing brash and loud Irish-type music that goes with beer drinking nights out that, the day after, you'd either remember with warmth or wish you'd had that extra "black-out"-beer. They started when Elvert Under Ground (E.U.G.) became more pop oriented, leaving no outlet for the traditional music. (And George became tired of touring.) Taking their name from their late accordion player, Tommy Tucker, the band existed parrallel with and beyond the break-up of E.U.G. in 1997. T.L.K. now play everything, from trad Irish to Tom Jones ("Delilah") to Kirk Douglas (?), mixed with lots of original music. They're the undisputed kings of pub entertainment, and they might be coming to a town near you soon.

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