The Radio Rats Story

(With gig and date guide)


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Herbie Parkin, Leonard Dickson, Dave Davies and Jonathan Handley on the couch in the practice room in the Palladium Building. The photo comes from the same shoot for the LP Cover.


78/07/06 Masonic Hall, Springs First gig with Leonard Dixon.
Rockey Road


The Rats sign with Jo'burg Records. Their offices were on Rocky Street above the famous gay club The Casablanca. A couple of years later, on a wild night out Herbie, James Phillips and Van (of the Softies) talked their way in so as to eat one of the famed "Mushroom Mountains". The night did not end well and Herbie acquired the nick-name 'Little Wee-Wee'. We won't ever mention what Van did in the club next door.... 


The Rats, signing their souls away to Patrik van Blerk



The Civic Centre, Springs


With Void before they added an é, a disco and a Group of Dancing girls wildly imitating John Travolta and Olivia Newton-Squirrel. (This was, after all, the Disco-era)


The Rats 'backdrop', and stage setup.The backdrops were hand-painted by Jonathan and we nailed them to a wooden frame, and lugged them all over the east rand on the roof of Jonathan's car. It didn't enter our minds just to tape up the things with gaffa tape and let them hang.


78/07/31 The Market Theatre The Big Time.


78 August to September, the Rats go into the studios to record "Into the night we slide" with Greg Cutler. The LP was recorded over the weekends, starting on friday evenings and working 12 hour stretches. (or as long as the wine lasted)


78/10/07 The Civic Centre, Springs

Last gig with Leonard. With Sweet Promise (yes, there was a band called that, fronted by Dennis East who sang "A Million Drums" and went on to play with the Boston-copy Stingray.



October. The LP is released and gets favourable reviews evrywhere (except for John Osher was too intellectual by half). Bubbles Steventon joins the band after Leonard had quit. He was a muso and couldn't live off the band. Once again, Herbie and Jonathan spend new years in Welkom, promoting the new LP as home-town-boys-made-good, but the general response was a yawn.