The Radio Rats Story

(With gig and date guide)


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Herbie, Dave, Pierre, Lloyd and Johnathan


Date Place Info
June 1, 1979 SABCTV

Record songs for the battle of the bands.


June 1 Hellenic Club Brakpan  
June 8 Kesington Hall Jhb

With the Corporals. A violent place with gang trouble. After the gig we packed up like tha Rats we were and scuttled off home to hot chocolate in Springs...

June 20

The Boogie Barn, Hillbrow

June 29

Box Theatre Wits, Jhb

July 17

Box Theatre Wits, Jhb



The Rats go into Satbel Studios to record "Crazy Caroline" and "Rocket Road". The band are now at their peak, musically. They move into rehearsal rooms in Germiston and Jonathan steals a bubble-gum machine.


Satbel Studios


July 25/26/27/28 His Majesty's The Johannesburg Music Festival. The place was demolished soon after.
Sept. 1 Syringa Spa A festival
Sept. 1 Dalrymple Hall, Wits With the Corporals and sundry other "New Wavers"
Sept 15/22/29 Bobby's Disco Springs


Pierre leaves the band and O'henry (Henry Jantzen) from the Corporals stands in. The flame is going out of the Rats and an ant singing "this will be the last time..." on one of the posters for the gigs, generates rumours of an imminent split.G

Oct 5 Club1886

A farewell tour of Cape Town with the Corporals. The Mowbray Hall was one of the best gigs ever for the Rats. Herbie and Lloyd leave the Band.

Oct 6 Mowbray Hall
Oct 7 Peoples Space
Oct 7 Rotunda
Jonno, Herbie, Henry and Dave


You'd think the Rats story was over now, but it's not. Jonathan convinced Herbie and O'Henry to record and play with the Rats on a temporary basis. Herbie joined The Corporals and you can read about their story somewhere else.


Nov 16 SABCTV Video-tape "Crazy Caroline" for Pop Shop


1980 Jonathan went on to record a single "Home adress, the burning road" with The Pop Guns with his brother on bass . From now on he had many irons in the fire, including "The Chauffeurs", "The Glee Club" and various constellations of the Rats. Except for the following few dates, I'll leave it up to Jonathan to fill you in, when and if he gets around to it....


May 24 1980 Satbel Studios Record "Saturday Afternoon LP", 10 or so songs in one afternoon (with one more session for vocal dubs and mixing). I have a copy but the sound is thin. (Dave, when you copy a tape, LP or CD, drive those VU's into the red, man...)

Aug 29 1980

Wits Great Hall A return to the scene of the crime. Much Better.
April 25 1981 Satbel Studios Record "Erase" and "Liza come down"
Aug SABCTV Tape the video for "Erase"
Sept Satbel Studios Record "The Big Wham Bam" and the wonderful "Welcome to my car", a song Jonathan had written way back in 1977 I think, and that he and Dave had worked on over the years
October The Power of Youth Concert, Springs And that was my last live gig with the Rats.