Herbie Parkin: bass
Mark Bennett: guitar, keyboards and vocals
Tracy Bennett: keyboards
Van: bass (replaced Herbie)
Hanepoort: Trombone
Henry Jantzen: drums
Shorty Coetzee: sax etc.

There were more people involved, I'll update as soon as I remember or as soon as someone fills me in.

The Softies were born out of the wreckage of the Rats and Corporal Punishment in 1982. Their history is full of personality changes and parties. Mark, Henry and Herbie needed an excuse to drink together so they formed the band and practised on Saturday afternoons. Their plans of world domination were cut short in 1982 by the tragic death of Henry in a freak mining accident.

Regrouping, the band discovered the joys of playing with a 'Brass Sexy' (section), and hired Shorty Cortzee and Hanepoort van Tonder. Right up to the day they broke up, a sax player was never far away (even though sax players then were mostly trendy people of dubious talent who insisted on wearing the silly black thing that holds up the sax, all the time...)

After recording demo's, Herbie got married, Packed his bags and moved to Sweden. Mark soldiered on, recruiting his wife, Tracy, on keyboards, Van on bass (he had to be in the band, he'd bought Herbies bass) as well as Hanepoort on trombone.

They recorded the sublime (yes I'm biased) "An evening with the Softies", two singles, "Mission to Cairo" and "Don't turn out the lights", then faded into obscurity. Mark is now an executive somewhere and refuses to keep in touch, Tracy e-mails me now and then, I'm still in Sweden and, tragically, Van died in a car crash in 1995.



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