From Music Maker March 30 1979. Reviewed by Patrick Lee    
  "BAXTOP GO! But Rats Blow It"    

"By 8.15 the hall was full and the fat queue of hopefulls snaked around the foyer and out into the night. They sat in the aisles and up against the side walls. 1 400 inside, hundreds more turned away. How this town yearns for concert rock 'n roll!...."

(....rave about Baxtop's gig...)

"In change-over time, Paul Zamek (compere) made some pretty sinister references to the Radio Rats which stood to be regretted ten minutes later.

The Rats, much discussed, much misunderstood, inherited an audience that was bristling with enthusiasm, and succeeded in driving them out of the hall with a set that kicked off badly then collapsed.

The buck eventually stopped at drummer Bubbles Steventon, whose pre-stage preparation diluted his concentration to the point where nobody was sure that he was going to finish at the same time as anyone else. This weakness threw the band completely. Guitarist and leader Jonathan Handley made some excuses which sounded like threats, and spent most of his time with his back to the audience, trying to arrange some alliance with Bubbles. It was not to be."


"Through the first number the audience sat in bewilderment, wondering at this most subtle form of art. Halfway into the second the murmurs started, ten minutes later there were queues at the exits and a handful of people survived the evening......."


As Van said: "You couldn't have emptied the hall faster if you'd shouted 'Fire!'".


Years later I met people that remembered that gig. It always started out, "I saw you at the Wits gig" and then an awkward silence would follow....