The Radio Rats Story

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Jonathan Handley, Gordon Tricker, Dave Davies, Lionel Ingram and Herbie Parkin at the Polo Club

Date Place Comments
77/10/29 Springs Polo Club  
77/11/04 Oasis Disco, Springs  
77/11/11 Daggafontein Rec. Club Great name.
77/11/19 Springs Polo Club  
77/12/02 Oasis Disco, Springs Last Gig with Lionel and Gordon


The band take an artistic break to rehearse new material and Jonathan and Herbie go back home to Welkom in December.. and return something like this....

Jonathan Handley, Dave Davies, Julian Platt and Herbie Parkin


78/02/04 Club Shalom, Springs The new Improved Rats. First gig with Julian. Click here to see the set list for this gig.

Add in the Springs and Brakpan Advertiser for the above gig


78/02/24 Springbok Drive Inn (True)

What the hell were we doing there?


 An office, downtown Springs

Signed a management contract with Julian Platts father, Buddy, for no apparent reason.


The Machine Springs

A club on 5th Ave that stayed open for about 3 months. Worse than a garage.
78/03/11 Club Shereno, Brakpan

The club was in a "Coloured" area, i.e. off limits to whites. We were a white "punk" band. The audience was into soul. It went ok.

From the Advertiser 1978


78/03/18 Polo Club, Springs The Name "Polo Club" conjures up certain images that I can assure you were not the case. It was basically four walls with a bar.
78/04/08 Sallies Mine Rec. Club A charity gig organized by Karin Raubenheimer
78/05   First Mention in the National Newspapers (The Sunday Times). By now we'd been into the studio's to record demos (I'm not like that/Plague Cafe) and Jonathan had made contact with Cheryl van Blerk at GRC.
Cheryl van Blerk
78/05/19 The Chelsea, Jo'burg Medical student party
78/06/4 The Market Cafe, JHB (I'm not to sure, but possibly the last gig with Julian Platt. Management hassles...)
78/06/10 Daggafontein Rec. Club (I honestly hope they haven't changed the name of that club.) Herbie gets called "You...with the, the...HAIR!", by the now ex-manager.
78/06/18 The Market Cafe, JHB  The drummer for these last three gigs was Niall Bell I think. I remember receiving an email from his brother awhile ago pointing out the fact.