Set List,Club Shalom Saturday 4th February 1978

1. Poxy Music 12. Man After You 23. Oh, Hullo America
2.Down on the street (Stooges) 13. Leaving it up to you (John 'notJJ' Cale) 24. Dirty Ass Rock 'n' Roll

3. Funtime (Iggy Pop)

14. Here comes my night. 25. No Fun (Stooges)
4. Bomb Shelter Blues 15. Dirt (Stooges) 26. Omega Man
5. This Ship of Fools 16. When the tide comes in 27. Submission (Sex Pistols)
6. Next Year 17. Guild Hall Dilemma 28. Mucking about.
7. I'm not like that 18. Heartbreak Hotel (John Cale version)  
8. Industrial Devolution 19. I dreamt I saw the enemy  
9. Plague Cafe 20. Jiving and Dying  
10. Rocking 21. Diary of a Diseased Coke Rep.  
11. Theatre of Electric Chairs 22. Eighth House  

Dave Davies always had a crappy (read state of the art) tape deck at rehearsals. He's got tons of versions of all the above songs, but he'll never get around to sorting them out into some sort of bootleg. The BASTARD.