Carl Raubenheimer: Bass, Guitar and vocals
Henry Jantzen; Drums and Vocals
Herbie Parkin: Bass, Guitar and Vocals
James Phillips: Guitar and Vocals
Mark Bennett: Keyboards, Guitar and Vocals



Ah, The Corporals. The fondest of memories. Did you know that they lived in a house on Grung Rd, Springs, long before grung became popular? Always a band way before their time.
Formed by Carl, Mark and James back in ooh, 1978, this is really the band that should have made it. Their history is shrouded in myth and legend. From their first drummer who carved gravestones, through their epic tour of Natal in December 1979 to their final dates at the Chelsea, Hillbrow. When I get the Time I'll write it down...
After the diffuse break-up in 1980, Carl moved off to Cape Town to record in his home studio (I've heard some of the stuff, awesome), James went off to Varsity in Grahamstown and further on to form The Cherry Faced Lurchers and finally Bernoldus Niemand. He died 1995 after injuries sustained in a car crash. He has a memorial homepage somewhere.
Mark, Herbie and Henry formed The Softies, whose history is described here. The Corporals cannon isn't large enough. There's too much that went unrecorded (maybe because they loved to jam too much), but what remains was Brilliant. (But after all, I'm biased.....I was there.)


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